Agnès Oblige, is a playable character in Bravely Default and a non-playable character in Bravely Second: End Layer. As the vestal of wind, she becomes aware of the danger that is coming upon the world, and with the guidance of Airy, embarks on a journey to reawaken the four crystals.



In Bravely Default, Agnès has brown eyes and long brown hair down to just above her knees, kept in place with a black hairband. She wears a knee-length white dress with dark sleeves and black fur trimming at the hem and black embroidery at the bust. She wears a black bolero, a black cinch belt, knee-high black boots with pom-poms and elbow-length black gloves. She has a blue pendant, given to her by the Sage when she was a child. While purifying a crystal, Agnès dons the Vestal Garb which consists of a short white dress with decorative patterns. Her sleeves wrap around her upper arms. She wears black gloves and brown boots. While using the asterisks, Agnès's appearance changes according to which job she is currently using.

In Bravely Second, Agnès retains her long brown hair, now wearing a white hairband to keep it in place. She is outfitted in a formal white dress, somewhat reminiscent of her vestal garb, that is emblazoned with varying paraphernalia meant to signify her position as Pope. She wears black gloves and white thigh-high boots. She retains her blue pendant which is now slightly broken.

Alternate outfitsEdit

Agnès has several alternate outfits released as part of downloadable content in the Japanese release, which can be obtained in-game in the Western release. Bravo Bunny is unavailable is the Western release.

In her Knight's Tunic outfit, she wears white corset-like one piece outfit with a black center and gold accents. Her "shorts" are black with red and gold stripes. She has a red sash across her right shoulder and black fingerless gloves with a black pom-pom on each hand. She wears silver high-heels with black legwarmers and a red ribbon tied around her ankles and armor knee braces. Her headband is silver with a black bow. The Plain Tunic is her Freelancer outfit. Her Bravo Bunny outfit is a skimpy white one piece teddy with fur lining around each leg. She has black gloves with a white bow on the side and black thigh-high boots with a white bow on the back of each. She wears a white rabbit ear headband with black marking on the tips. In the Japanese version, there is a large cutout in the center of the teddy.


Agnès is polite and chaste. She is intent on her role as a vestal and is not originally keen on letting others accompany her on the notion that bringing light to the crystals is her sole mission. She does not want other people to be burden to her or be burdened with her problems.

Agnès has a bad sense of direction. She can be oblivious of the ways of the world, as in the Party Chat "Her First Bow", Agnès has hardly ever seen one before or knows how to use it or what an arrow is. Edea is in disbelief to how oblivious Agnès can be. Edea notes in Bravely Second that being kidnapped has helped neither her sense of direction nor her common sense, and over the tenure of her kidnapping she is preoccupied with things such as knitting and food.

Likely because of her secluded and strict upbringing, Agnès is mistrustful of others, for some time even of her allies Edea and Ringabel. This mistrust initially caused friction in the party. While she comes to trust Edea and Ringabel, she seems to hold Tiz in higher esteem, considering him her most trustworthy companion. Following the party's arrival in Ancheim she worries that the townsfolk see her as a mere object to enact her duty as vestal rather than as a human being.

While she chastises Edea for her rash behavior, Agnès displays impulsiveness herself and is often subject to her own naivety and inexperience regarding the world at large. Agnès is self-sacrificial, handing over her freedom or life on several occasions. This may also show that she places little value in her own life. Agnès could be considered eccentric, and despite her politeness and grace, oblivious and socially inept, at least when not in formal settings to which she is accustomed.

While normally the most level headed and pragmatic of the group, she occasionally gives in to her anger and takes it out on her companions. She can also be cold or seem unfeeling, such as when Tiz opts to make Egil as comfortable as possible, which she feels may detract from their more important goal of awakening the crystal, though she ultimately has the best interests of her companions and Luxendarc as a whole at heart. She is very reserved and seems to hold all but a select few at a comfortable distance, and is much more mild mannered and soft spoken than most.


Bravely Default Edit

When the Wind Crystal is consumed by darkness, forced to watch his acolytes sacrifice themselves to protect her, Agnès embarks on a search on the advice of the Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII to see the condition of the world. He put on a merchant ship bound Caldisla which becomes lurking halfway through its journey from the sudden deterioration of the sea. After being rescued by boats from Caldisla, investigates the effects of the earthquake that struck shortly after leaving Ancheim.

While pursued by the Knights of Eternian Heaven, he meets Agnès Tiz Arrior when it comes to the site of the great deep. Agnès refuses the help of Tiz, as she believes tackle alone adversity is part of his responsibility as a vestal of the Crystal Wind. When confronted with White Mage Holly Whyte to surrender, she is the first agreement. Agnès learns that even though it might give itself, it would not help anyone else. Agnès warning when Edea joins the party, and learns of its full connection with Eternian forces. Becomes furious to learn Edea is the daughter of the leader of the Council, Braev Lee, after the death of his colleague and friend vestal Olivia Oblige for Victoria F. Stein hand.

After the restoration of the crystals and bringing Airy to Pillar of Light, Agnes finds himself in another world and meets the Sage Yulyana of the second world, who asks her to bring his most famous partner to meet him in private. Choose Tiz, Agnes learns about the past of the Sage as a former high-ranking member of the Orthodox Crystal and how he and the Lord DeRosso forged their alliance, when an "angel" that looks like Agnès appeared before them . Sage transmits the words of the angel of great evil and the nature of the crystals in relation to the "Harrowing" and the wind vestal trip. The meeting with the other inhabitants of the second world, Agnes learns the dark secrets of Orthodoxy crystal that were the motivation for the Anticrystalist movement.

After they end up in another world, Ringabel suggests consulting the sage again as he knows the events of the previous world would happen again. including the time Tiz and Agnès spoke to the Sage alone. During the second trip alone with Tiz, Agnès learns that Airy is evil and has been manipulating them. When Tiz inquires further into the story of the angel, it is revealed her death was caused by Airy's treachery. Though her other selves were unable see the truth until it was too late, Agnès's faith in Tiz allows her to accept the truth of Airy. This leads to Agnès to being more distant towards Airy, yet she continues summoning the Holy Pillar in the hope that each time would be the last.

After the last time Agnès learns that Airy serves Ouroboros and that she orchestrated her master's plan to consume the realities. With the pendant in her possession, Agnès gives her group the advantage and they destroy Ouroboros. After returning to her world, Agnès rebuilds the temple of the wind and enlists new acolytes to assist her in restoring the crystals and overseeing them.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

After learning the truth of her faith's corruption, Agnès becomes the newly inaugurated Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy and purged it of its corruption while forming relations with Eternia. During the peace signing between the Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia, Agnès is kidnapped by Kaiser Oblivion and held captive in the Glanz Empire's sky fortress. After being rescued, Agnès aids Tiz and the others by communicating through a fragment of her crystal pendant in the possession of her Orthodoxy knight Yew Geneolgia.

After the battle with Providence, Tiz begins to die without Altair's soul to help keep him alive. Deneb, friend of Altair and Vega, and an Adventurer, asks the party to give her the SP Hourglass, which she takes into the past and delivers it to Tiz at the beginning of the events of Bravely Default. Filled with two years worth of SP, Agnès reveals that she has held the hourglass since Tiz's coma. Agnès rushes to the Norende Ravine and uses the SP Hourglass to give him a new chance of life. In the aftermath, having succeeded in establishing peace between the Orthodoxy and the Duchy, Agnès resigns from her position with the intention to marry Tiz and settle in Norende.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Legends II Edit

Agnès looks like a light-elemental evoke. She is a limited edition cameo convene as part of the courageously Archive: D's Report partnership event. To get her, players must place a gift code they receive for completing a dungeon bravely Archive: D's Report .

His special attack is the Holy weapon, inflicting light-elemental damage to all enemies and gradually restores HP to all party members. Summoning Agnès costs 3 points from Gauge consumption. Agnès is a rank 4 Phantom Stone blocked and can not do a ranking up to the highest levels.

Agnès allows the holder to use the following skills:

His works Stone Ghost is his work of official art of Bravely Default .

Bravely Default: Praying Brage Edit

Agnès appears as a unit obtainable.

Bravely Archive: D's Report Edit

Agnès appears as a unit obtainable wear variations of its Freelancer clothes, and Vampire Bunny Bravo.

World Cross SagaEdit

Agnès appears as an obtainable character.

Million ArthurEdit

Agnès appears as an obtainable card.

Road to DragonsEdit

Agnès, along with Tiz, appears as an obtainable character.[1] Agnès comes with Freelancer, Performer, and Valkyrie jobs, each having an active and party ability.

The Freelancer has Elixir as an active skill and Dark Resist as a party skill. The Performer has Power of Love as an active skill and Voltage as a party skill. The Valkyrie has Jump as an active skill and Spear Knowledge as a party skill.



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