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Akihiko Yoshida

Akihiko Yoshida (吉田 明彦, Yoshida Akihiko) is a video game character designer for Square Enix. He is majorly involved in the development of Final Fantasy series.


Previously working for Quest Company, Yoshida joined Square Co. (which later become Square Enix) in 1995, and frequently collaborating with Yasumi Matsuno and Hitoshi Sakimoto. His most notable contribution would be character design in Final Fantasy Tactics, a strategy-RPG game which is a spin-off of Final Fantasy series. The game was a huge success, and Yoshida was then trusted with the task of designing characters for Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII. However, in Final Fantasy XII, he is also playing the role of background design supervisor.

Akihiko Yoshida is known for his distinctive, detailed and often medieval-themed drawings. He prefers the traditional drawing method, which makes him different from other designers which use digital drawing in designing.


Game Yoshida's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy Tactics Character Design, Background Art Direction
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Additional Illustrator
Vagrant Story Character Design
Final Fantasy XII Character Design, Background Design Supervisor
Final Fantasy III DS Character Design
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Character Design, Background Art Direction
Threads of Fate Character Illustrator
Wild Card Key Illustrator
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Character Designer


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