All Star Pro-Wrestling
All Star Pro-Wrestling box art

Developer(s) Square PDD 5
Publisher(s) Square
Release date(s)
Genre Professional wrestling
Game modes Single-player, multiplayer
Platform(s) PlayStation 2

All Star Pro-Wrestling is an exclusive professional wrestling video game for Japan developed and distributed by Squaresoft on July 8, 2000, for the PlayStation 2. This was the first game of Wrestling published on this platform.1

All Star Pro-Wrestling was launched in a period in which Square sought to diversify its catalog by producing several non-fake games for the PlayStation 2. The game was characterized by its control based exclusively on the analog pads of the Dual Shock 2, although a second Normal mode using the buttons was also available. While the quality of the game's graphics was acclaimed and sales were good during the month of its release, the control was received negatively by critics, considered it to be inappropriate and not intuitive. However, the game resulted in two sequels in the following years.

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