Ashley Riot
Ashurei Raiotto

Game: Vagrant Story
Designed by: Akihiko Yoshida

affliation: Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP)
Rank: Riskbreaker
"Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements."
—Ashley Riot

Ashley Riot is the protagonist and player character in the game Vagrant Story.


A man in his late 20s, Ashley is a calm and just soldier of the Riskbreaker militia. A loyal agent with a strong sense of duty, Ashley is a prized agent of the Valendia Knights of Peace (VKP) as he had graduated as valedictorian from the VKP Academy. Following the tragic death of his wife Tia and child Marco at the hands of a ruffian, he transferred to the Dangerous Criminal Task Force, a.k.a. "Riskbreaker," the most danger-ridden post at VKP, where he remains today; straightforward, emotionless and unmoving.

His long brown hair is tied to a knot, leaving to flail in open air two strands that appear like antennaes on his head. He wears the Iocus Rood necklace, a memento once owned by his dear wife Tia. He also dons the military gear equipped with gauntlets and shield.



Ashley first appears as an agent of the VKP. In a secret meeting with the higher-ups, Ashley was assigned to investigate the influential Duke Bardorba's involvement with the cult Müllenkamp, and the Church's reason in hunting the cult's leader Sydney Losstarot. He was sent along with another agent, a female VKP Inquisitor named Callo Merlose, to the Graylands, the location of Duke Bardorba's manor now under siege by the Müllenkamp. He enters the manor alone, as befitting the Riskbreaker code of working alone, and attempts to apprehend Sydney, but failed as the cult leader flees with Duke Bardorba's son Joshua in hand, but not before provoking Ashley to go to the ghost town Leá Monde.

To Leá MondeEdit

Ashley and Callo continued pursuit to Leá Monde. There, Ashley continues into the ghost town alone. He encounters Sydney again, who now have captured Callo. Sydney reawakens Ashley's surpressed memories; his battle abilities recovered, and his tragic past presented to him.

Tragic Past 1Edit

Ashley was the breadwinner of a small family consisting of his wife Tia and son Marco. He served as an elite member of the Kingsguard, a branch of the Valendian kingdom responsible for protecting royalty. During a picnic, Tia and Marco were killed by fallen knights, and Ashley, filled with remorse and vengeance, was transferred to the Riskbreaker militia.

Enter RosencrantzEdit

In his pursuit of Sydney, Ashley encounters Rosencrantz, a Riskbreaker assigned as his partner. Ashley recalls that Riskbreakers work alone and believe this a farce. However, Rosencrantz told him of his investigation on Leá Monde being a wellspring of dark powers, and both the Church and the VKP were aware of such power. Ashley leaves Rosencrantz, dwelling in these thoughts.

Enter GuildensternEdit

Ashley also encounters Guildenstern, the Cardinal's right hand man, commander of the Crimson Blades, the Church's militia. Guildenstern is shown to be as equally powerful in magic as Sydney, and is pursuing the cult leader in the name of the Cardinal. He is accompanied by his gullible lover, Samantha.

Tragic Past 2Edit

After two encounters with Rosencrantz and Sydney, Ashley was made aware that his past may have been manipulated by the VKP. Both claim that Ashley had served as a Riskbreaker assassin, had slain an innocent family, and the guilt was used to make Ashley the loyal agent he was. Ashley could not digest that he was believing a lie.

Sydney's motivesEdit

In the end, however, he learns that Sydney is the keybearer of the city's dark powers, the "Blood-Sin" which both the Church and the VKP are after. Duke Bardorba is in fact Sydney's father, and the Bardorba family have inherited the city's dark powers for generations. Sydney was born with an ailment and the Duke had made him heir of the Blood-Sin to save his life. Now the Duke wants to stop this inheritance from falling to his beloved Joshua, and Sydney aims to repay his father's kindness by finding another suitable heir to the "Blood-Sin".

Final BattleEdit

Ashley found Guildenstern at Leá Monde's Cathedral. There, after ripping Sydney's Blood-Sin tattoo and placing it to himself, and sacrificing Samantha for the dark powers, Guildenstern tried to coax Ashley to join his quest to purge the world of corruption and profiteering by tyranny and oppression. Ashley was able to resist when Tia and Marco appeared in a vision, urging him to believe in himself. In a climactic battle atop a magic circle on the Cathedral's highest tower, Ashley defeats a "demonic" Guildenstern.

Vagrant StoryEdit

Ashley inherits the Blood-Sin tattoo almost immediately. He rescues Sydney and delivers him back to his father, Duke Bardorba. There, Sydney assured the Duke that all is over and Leá Monde's powers have been inherited to a suitable heir. Both Sydney and the Duke then dies, and Ashley disappeared, now known as the Vagrant.


Ashley, once his memories are unleashed, will be able to chain his attacks and defenses. Ashley is also able to use a range of weapons, and able to assemble and disassemble them.

Inside the city, Ashley gathers what is known as Grimoires; tomes of magic, where he could learn and memorize spells that fall into four categories: Warlock, offensive magic; Enchanter, elemental attribute magic; Sorcerer, status afflicting magic; and Shaman, curative magic.

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