Role Assistant
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories; Kingdom Hearts II
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Home World
Katakana アクセル
Romaji Akuseru
English Voice
Quinton Flynn
Japanese Voice
Keiji Fujiwara

Axel, called with the title of the Dancing Flame Breath , is the number VIII of the 'Organization XIII, his power is the Fire and his two weapons called Chakram Eternal Fire . He controls the Killers.

It is also the None of Lea.

History Edit

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Part 1) Edit

When Roxas joins the Organization, Axel is entrusted with the task of instructing. Initially he does not know how to deal with the newcomer, but over time they create a bond that they come to call "friendship" (despite Nobody can prove this kind of emotions); for they, at the end of each mission, they go on the Clock Tower Twilight to eat a Ice Cream Sea Salt (the time of day that Axel calls "the icing on the cake"). < br /> Even after Xion joined the Organization, but Axel is sent immediately after the Castle Oblivion on the orders of Saïx, second only to Xemnas as a importance in the Organization, to stop the betrayal that Marluxia was plotting against the Organization.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Edit

Axel, to stop Marluxia and his plot together with Larxen, has used his cunning and has acted as a double agent:
On the one hand he pretended to collaborate with Marluxia and Larxen to subjugate Sora but, in reality, the other secretly collaborated with Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion who had been too ' they posted to stop Marluxia, but though they acted in the basement of the castle where they hoped to use Riku, who in the meantime had reached the castle thanks to Ansem (l 'Heartless of Xehanort), to destroy Marluxia.
Later, when Sora to the second floor of the castle, Axel confronts him but was defeated giving the cards to continue in the castle.
Following Axel holds a conversation with Larxen in which he says to be surprised that Sora can keep his consciousness even after becoming a Heartless.
Then Vexen, when it is defeated by Sora and is about to reveal Marluxia's plot to the keeper of the Keyblade, is done outside Axel on Marluxia order, in this way the number VIII succeeds in gaining the confidence Marluxia Larxen and then leave it alone to check Naminè and Axel let it escape, thus ruining the Marluxia plan.
Subsequently, Larxen is deleted from Sora and Marluxia Axel reaches to defeat him, but when he is in trouble against No. VIII, Marluxia takes Naminè to use it as a shield and begin a dialogue:
- Do you really think using Naminé as a shield gonna stop me?!? If you need to cut him off too !!!!!
Suddenly enters the room Sora he had heard that Axel had said (that he was ready to eliminate Naminé just to get to Marluxia).
- Sora, did you hear? Axel is willing to eliminate Naminé just to get to me ..... destroy it .
And Sora gets in attack position.
So Sora, in the end you have become the puppet of Marluxia, eh?
Quiet, after you also will touch him !!!!!
Do you know Sora, you and I have more in common than you think, would prefer not to have to fight you ..... but I have a reputation to uphold !!!!!

And so the two begin to fight, Sora defeats Axel and these escapes.
After the defeat against Sora, Axel reaches beneath the castle where Zexion asks the data of The Destiny Islands to transform the form of paper, Axel satisfies him and returns to the upper floors to see how things are. < br /> Come discover with pleasure that Sora has eliminated Marluxia with the help of Copy Riku, so Axel proposes to copy to face the real Riku, but to do this it needs a power greater than you have, so Axel accompanies the copy in the basement and does absorb the vital energy of Zexion order to strengthen it, thus killing the number VI.
In fact, Axel had nothing against Zexion, but eliminated on the orders of Sax that, secretly (to Xemnas knowledge itself) Zexion wanted dead Organization to increase its power.
Axel is so the only member to return alive from Castle Oblivion.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Part 2) Edit

Arrived, Axel was immediately welcomed by Saïx, which does not seem to be very interested to know if Marluxia is dead or not, what really interested to know is if Zexion is still alive, but Axel already said to feel comfortable and that if it was busy him.
Axel then re-encounters Roxas but note that these, during the period of his absence, has formed a strong friendship with Xion; Axel does not seem to bear much the latter, but, at the proposal of Roxas who asks to be all three friends, Axel befriends the fourteenth number.
Subsequently, Roxas is aware of the sinister aims of the Organization, and the leaves, so Xemnas tries to destroy Roxas by Sa IX, which was defeated, so Axel, to protect his friend, leaving the Organization and attempts to hinder it from then on.

Kingdom Hearts II Edit

Axel is entrusted the task of eliminating a traitor Organization: Roxas.
The guy that has to be eliminated, however, does not remember anything of his life from None, he does not know Axel and not known to be number 13 Organization because the memory of DiZ and now has been changed he lives in a Virtual Twilight.
Instead the eighth member knows why Roxas was his best friend, until he decided to abandon other Nobody and go to find out why it has the ability to use the Keyblade.
Initially Axel does not want to fulfill the assigned order and try to bring back the memory to his best friend, but is hampered by Diz, who does not want Roxas to know the truth.
After a few attempts, Axel finds himself forced to eliminate by force the Nobody would have been eliminated because he himself if he had not done.
During the fight with Roxas, Axel loses and disappears on.
None the beat will not return because the Organization would be immediately eliminated for not having accomplished his task.
Begin to act alone and attempt to kidnap Kairi in the place where she was living, but Riku, secretly opens a portal and makes flee to Twilight, Axel, however, fails again to track her down, and this once the snatch them, hoping to be able to use to infuriate Sora, turn it back into a Heartless, and, in this way, so being able to revive Roxas release and review.
But his plan fails because it is discovered by Saïx Organization XIII, which will take Kairi and imprison for feeding the anger of Sora and use the young to eliminate many other Heartless.
Axel will take revenge by helping Sora to cross a Hall of Darkness (Half and Half) that connects to Twilight Town The World That Never Was, but populated by None.
The battle will be hard, the enemy will come galore until Axel decides to sacrifice himself to leave the field in Sora.
The two will have one last time to talk.
Axel apologizes to Sora for what they have done and the hero of the Keyblade will ask in turn what he meant to do kidnapping Kairi. Axel will respond that he wanted to see Roxas again because they made him feel as if he had a heart, while Sora makes him feel normal. After this last dialogue, the number VIII disappears.


Axel is tall and slender in appearance. Like other Organization members, he wears the basic black gloves and boots. His black coat, however, is one of the more distinctive ones in the group, as its sleeves close up tightly around his arms. Axel himself is also easily distinguishable from other characters in terms of facial features, made easier by the fact that he rarely wears the hood of his coat up. Axel has a widow's peak, rather small eyebrows and thick, shoulder-length, bright red hair styled into slicked-back spikes. Xigbar teases him about it, calling him "Flamesilocks". His eyes are a bright emerald color and he has a purple reverse-teardrop shaped marking under each eye, which are similar to Reno's facial markings.

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