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Aya Brea is the main protagonist of the Parasite Eve series. She is 25 in Parasite Eve, 27 in Parasite Eve II and 38 in The 3rd Birthday. In The 3rd Birthday, she is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese version and Yvonne Strahovski in the English version.

Biography Edit

Aya was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1972. She is of mixed ethnicity: her father (name unrevealed), who is a journalist, was white, her mother (Mariko) was Japanese. This gives her a unique appearance as she boasts many Asian facial features, such as the shape of her face and eyes, while possessing typically Caucasian coloring, including blue eyes and fair blonde hair. She had a sister named Maya Brea who, along with her mother, died in an automobile accident in or around December 1978. After Maya's death, her remaining organs were preserved, which allowed for one of her corneas to be transplanted into Aya in 1979. At the same time, one of Maya's kidneys was transplanted into a young girl named Melissa Pearce. Unknown to anyone, Maya's mitochondria was highly evolved and began changing Aya and Melissa's genetic structure.

As a young woman, Aya had studied criminology at the University of Virginia. She later became a detective with the NYPD 17th precinct. During her first 6 months of working at the precinct, Aya became involved in an incident known as the New York Blockade Incident to the general public. As an officer, she became part of the "father and daughter" team where she was partnered up with Daniel "Bo" Dollis, a veteran police officer.

Appearances Edit

Parasite Eve Edit

On December 24, 1997, Aya attended an opera performance at Carnegie Hall with her unnamed date. The opera starred Melissa Pearce as the lead. During the performance, Maya's advanced mitochondria, which had lain dormant in Melissa for eleven years, awakened and transformed her into Mitochondria Eve. As her first act against humankind, Eve killed everyone in Carnegie Hall via spontaneous human combustion, except for Aya who was immune to the effect. Aya instead gained Parasite Energy powers.

During the next six days, Aya fought Eve and the creatures she spawned, known as Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures, all across Manhattan, greatly assisted by the incredible powers she started to exhibit. Aya would later discover that she was granted great power due to the fact that she possessed Maya's mitochondria through her corneal transplant, but it was unable to take control of her as it did Melissa because of Aya's evolved cell nuclei. She also experienced her sister's final memory about the hospital. Aya fought and destroyed a strain of rapidly evolving mitochondria that threatened to enslave all humanity. Eventually, Aya engaged Eve in a showdown on Liberty Island, in which Eve was killed. After this however, she had to destroy the Ultimate Being, that Eve had given birth to. After an ongoing battle between her humanity and evolution, Aya successfully managed to destroy the creature with a little help from Daniel and Kunihiko Maeda. She soon became a hero among the government ranks for her courageous acts while few civilians are aware of the details of the event.

Parasite Eve II Edit

A few months after Eve's rampage in New York City, Aya had left the force and joined a newly-formed branch of the FBI known as the Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team or MIST. The purpose of MIST, based out of Los Angeles, is to hunt down and destroy any remaining Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures. During her time as a MIST Agent, Aya had always worked alone due to the abnormality of her powers. In early September of 2000, Aya was following a lead to a small town called Dryfield in the Mojave Desert where she met a 29-year-old P.I. from Texas named Kyle Madigan,who she formed a partnership with. With Kyle's co-operation, Aya soon discovered a strange shadow government facility called the Neo-Ark, where scientists were using Aya's DNA to breed a race of Artificial Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures. To control the ANMCs, the Neo-Ark directors brainwashed a young girl named Eve, a clone of Aya.

Given Eve's age and various clues in the game, Eve is thought to be a clone that ages rapidly, considering she looks 10 years old and was cloned after Aya's mitochondria was awakened in 1997. After discovering that Eve, as well as the ANMCs were all made from her, she felt obligated to "finish what she started" and once again, save humanity from an ominous fate which was ultimately the cause of her own physical existence.

After the destruction of the Neo-Ark facility, as well as her "struggle" having finally ended, Aya had left MIST. Any documents containing information regarding the NMCs were disposed of by the US Government. Aya had taken the young Eve in, forming a motherly/sisterly bond with her. Thanks to a friend at MIST, Rupert Broderick, he had created a profile for Eve saying that she is Aya's sister. Aya's boss, Eric Baldwin, was discovered to be a mole for the shadow government and was ultimately arrested for treason, courtesy of Aya learning so from another one of her friends, Pierce Carradine. Baldwin's place leading MIST was taken by Rupert Broderick, following the inside investigation. Kyle Madigan meets with Aya and Eve in New York City, and it is hinted that both Aya and Kyle are getting involved in a romantic relationship, which is proven during the events of The 3rd Birthday.

The 3rd Birthday Edit

Aya and Kyle were planned to be wed on December 24th, 2010, or "Time Zero". However, before they could exchange vows, a group of SWAT members loaded gunfire on her and Kyle. Kyle Madigan survived the gunfire and was hospitalized. Eve, desperate to save Aya, switched bodies through her mitochondria powers, which resulted in "Overdive" being born. When Overdiving, however, Aya's soul/consciousness was destroyed and reborn as the Twisted. Without a consciousness in Eve's body, Eve had been pronounced as dead. The death of Eve's body resulted in the creation of the "High Ones".

With Eve's consciousness in Aya's body, Hyde Borh found Eve lying in the front of Saint Thomas Church. Eve had forgotten all of her memories, and for the next 3 years, Eve assumed the identity of Aya. Eve joined the Counter Twisted Investigation in order to fight against the Twisted. In the end of the game, Eve had returned to Time Zero, back in her own body. Aya appears and tells Eve to shoot her, to stop the birth of the Twisted. Aya and Eve Overdive and switch consciousnesses as Eve in Aya's body kills Aya in Eve's body. When Aya is shot, she can be heard saying what sounds like "I won't disappear." Eve is now permanently in Aya's body, as Aya's consciousness and Eve's body have, apparently, been removed from the timeline.

During the secret ending of The 3rd Birthday, a blond woman with a hair style similar to Aya's walks by Eve in the middle of a snow-filled street, dressed in a large brown trench coat. She wishes Eve a happy birthday, remarking that it's her fourth, before disappearing into thin air as Eve searches around wildly.

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