Game: Chrono Trigger
Designed by: Akira Toriyama

Era: Prehistoric (65,000,000 BC)
Element: None
Weapon: Fists

Ayla is a playable character in Chrono Trigger. She comes from the prehistoric times, and is the chief of the Ioka tribe. Being from the prehistoric times, her english is not perfect, but she still possesses great intelligence and courage.

Story & BackgroundEdit

Ayla first met Crono, Marle and Lucca when they used a time gate to go to 65,000,000 BC, to find a piece of Dreamstone to repair the broken Masamune. When they appear, they are ambushed by hard-shelled dinosaur-like creatures called Reptites. After defeating some, the party is outnumbered, but out of nowhere Ayla shows up and defeats some of them, while Crono, Marle and Lucca deal with the others. She admires Crono's strength, and befriends him. The Ioka tribe arrange a party for their new friends. But the next day, Lucca notices that the Gate Key, that controls the time portals, is missing. They discover it was stolen by Kino, another Ioka tribe member who's in love with Ayla and jealous of Crono. However, the Reptites steal it from him, and after scolding Kino, they go to the Reptite Cave to find it. They find the leader of the Reptites, Azala, who fights a never ending battle with the lesser intelligent humans. They defeat her pet Nizbel and get the key back.

Later, after defeating Magus, the party is warped back into 65,000,000 BC where the party learns that Laruba Villiage was attacked while they were gone and some of the villiages were captured and being helf at the Reptites' Stronghold. Ayla joins the party permanently after this and they help her rescue the captive villiagers. Azala somehow became aware of Lavos' impending impact sometime before the actual event. She accepted that the impact of Lavos' arrival would cause an Ice Age and wipe out the Reptite race, forecasting lives of neverending hardship for Ayla's descendants. Azala refused to be saved from the Tyrano Lair's destruction, and wisely predicted that the world's future was in jeopardy due to Lavos's arrival. She perished in the destruction of her fortress.

In the PlayStation anime ending, Kino proposes to Ayla.


Because she hails from an era long before the advent of magic began, Ayla is unable to use it. However, she is the strongest physical attacker in the game and her great strength offsets her lack of magical ability. Her skills include strong defense-ignoring attacks, such as Cat Attack and Rollo Kick, and some healing skills such as Kiss and a very useful double-tech with Frog: Slurp Kiss, as well as Charm, the equivalent of the Steal skill in the game. She is the only character in the game who can do this as a single Tech Skill, although she has a more powerful Double Tech ability with Marle. Unlike the other characters, her weapons (stronger fists) are not purchased, she gains them as she levels up. As such, they can't be unequipped.

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