Borghen (in Japanese Borgen ボーゲン Bōgen) is a character in Final Fantasy II.


Borghen is a servant of the Emperor and subordinate to the Dark Knight; he was an ally of the King, but betrayed the rebels at Fynn to become a general. As a result, Fynn fell to the Empire and the King was mortally wounded during his flight. Borghen relishes his new power position and abuses all of the soldiers under him; his men have nothing but contempt for Borghen and describe him as a blowhard. He is ordered by the Dark Knight to oversee the construction of the Dreadnought, but fails to prevent the party from inflitrating its port. Believing his life to be in danger from the Emperor due to his failure, he ambushes the party in revenge as they are trying to take the Goddess Bell from the Mimett mines. Borghen is easily beaten, but decides to go down fighting. With his dying breath, he sets off a trap that releases a giant boulder after the party. Sacrificing his own life to save his friends, Josef temporarily halts the boulder. Borghen later returns as a Zombie inside Pandaemonium, which holds the gateway to hell.

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