Callo Merlose
Kyaro Merurōsu

Game: Vagrant Story
Designed by: Akihiko Yoshida

Affliation: Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP)
Rank: Inquisitor
"Do not blame your weakness on anyone else!"
—Callo Merlose

Callo Merlose is a member of the VKP’s Information Analysis Unit, a team specializing in the collection of information, espionage, and analysis, sifting through tangible and intangible evidence for information that can help in criminal investigations.

With a Ph.D. in both criminal psychology and religious psychology, Callo entered Info. Analysis as a specialist in the analysis of cults and religious terrorism; her proficiency in information analysis has drawn the attention of the veteran analysis officers in spite of her young age.

As an Information Analyst, she cooperated when Ashley sneaked into the Duke's manor and infiltrated Lea Monde. Callo spends most of the game as a captive, trying to discern Sydney's true motives through conversations with John Hardin, Sydney's second-in-command. Like Ashley, her true potential awakens while in Leá Monde. Hardin refers to her as a "Heart-Seer," as Callo can see the true thoughts of a person by observing a shadow that speaks a person's true intent. Merlose disappeared soon after the incidents in Lea Monde.

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