Choboco is a spin off series of the Final Fantasy Series.


Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Edit

The first game in the 'Chocobo' series, the main protagonist is a Chocobo called "Poulet", Poulet is a French word meaning "chicken."

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Edit

Chocobo is the protagonist of the game. He goes treasure hunting with his friend Mog and finds the mysterious dungeon. Like the character of the player, you can equip claws and saddles, use spell books, use some objects in the dungeon and equip stones or bottles to throw enemies.

Chocobo Racing Edit

One day Chocobo was given the Jet-Blades by Cid to test. During the test out, Mog is asking Cid as his race car was doing. Cid promises to give him the next day, but he tells Chocobo had completely forgotten. The next day, much to the disappointment of Mog, Cid gives him a scooter "with a honkin 'horn'.

Mog Chocobo then challenge for a race. The yellow bird wins the race and Mog Cid says that even for this Chocobo has won is because of the Blue Crystal on his leg. Disappointed by his own ability, Cid suggests that MOG go on an adventure with Chocobo to find out the secret to the blue crystal.

Chocobo Crystal skill is "Dash," which allows him to get a burst of speed for a limited time. The Jet-Blades using in the races is quite well balanced and easy to use.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales Edit

Chocobo was discovered by Shirma while still young. It was one of the many victims of the Great War, but Shirma led him to Chocobo Farm on a distant island. There he lived happily with others Chocobo.

One day, Croma he brought a strange tome to the farm. Unable to open it, Chocobo had a look and was able to unlock it. Upon doing so, he published the evil demon Bebuzzu, then sucked all the Chocobo in cards.

Determined to free his friends, Chocobo set with Shirma Croma and restore the crystals that had lost their light. However, whenever he reached a crystal, the mysterious Irma had beaten them to it, and helped Bebuzzu drain the crystal. Each time, however, Chocobo has managed to beat the demon, causing him to retreat. Each crystal slowly reveals that Chocobo chocobo is not ordinary, but the descendant of a Light Warrior.

At Crystal lightning Bebuzzu Chocobo revealed that he had saved for a reason, knowing that it was the Chocobo that he would travel to each crystal, making it easier for him to drain. With this, he kidnaps Irma, knowing that his death would recover completely.

Chocobo then proceeds to the dark world with Volg to free Irma. They manage to kill the demon and still seal once. With Bebuzzu now gone, life goes back to normal at the farm, and Chocobo can now rest with her friends again.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon Edit

Chocobo travels with Cid as treasure hunters. He is sent Lostime with Cid when Irma takes no feeding time. One night a child named Raphael, which has a mysterious power to restore people remember falling from the sky.

He is kind, brave and kind. Always trying to help those in Lostime to remember.

Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha Edit

The ever curious Chocobo travels to the island of Mirion and is involved in this adventure that involves series of illustrated book Alvanica Cid.

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