Clair Andrews

Game: Ehrgeiz
Designed by:

Age: 16
Weapon(s): Katar
Nationality: Japanese-American
Sex: Female
Occupation: Archaeology Student
Voice actor: Yukana Nogami
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
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Clair Andrews (クレア・アンドリュース) is a character from Ehrgeiz. She is the student and partner of Koji Masuda in the side game, Forsaken Dungeon.

A child prodigy who entered the university at the tender age of 16, Clair is an archaeology student of Koji Masuda. Although she is relatively independent, she is still considered naïve. When Koji begins his journey, Clair abruptly invites herself to be his assistant.

Appearance Edit

Clair has medium length black hair which is tied in a short ponytail and has two single fringe in each side of her head and brown eyes. She also wears a gray and white cap with a white goggles on her head.

Her primary appearance is a black lined and white high-neck sports bra top, black cycling shorts with purple linings with a brown belt and orange pouch at the back and black boots. She also wears black and white katar gloves which she can elongate the blade from her gloves during the use of her unique ability.

In Forsaken Dungeon, she is also equipped in different kinds of armor, helmet and boots which it gains from monsters within the dungeon.

Gameplay Edit

Clair's fighting style is Jeet Kune Do where she relies on completely conditioning on her opponents with both punches and kicks. She also has another skill where she knee to her opponent and makes a heavy blow to their back. She is the only character to force her opponent to play her game and to takes them down with her own two hands in her offensive capabilities. Her unique ability has her to elongate her katar blades from her gloves and to smack her opponent with both of her katar blades in a single blow. During the charge, she spins her katar blades in a tornado fashion to make multiple slashes to her opponent.

In Forsaken Dungeon, she maintains her fighting abilities and she can wield daggers, short swords and shields. She mostly wields, axe, staffs and spears and she can spin these weapons in a tornado fashion like she did in her katar blades in her charge attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Clair is similar to Marshall Law and Forest Law from the Tekken series in terms of fighting style and gameplay and she also shares their fighting style, Jeet Kune Do.
    • Clair also shares Marshall's moveset consist of Uppercut, Dragon Fist Fury, Low Sweep, Step-in Kick in Low and High Kick combos, Rave Kicks and Dragon Breath. She also gains Lei's Kangaroo Kick from his Play Dead Stance also the character from the same game.
    • Clair's fighting stance is Marshall's fighting stance in both Tekken and Tekken 2.
    • In her win animation, Clair goes sidestepping before going to her own fighting stance. This sidestep is used when Marshall or Forest does this in their second fighting stance in Tekken 3 until Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.


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