Code Age Commanders
コード・エイジ コマンダーズ ~継ぐ者 継がれる者~
Koodo Eiji Komandaaszu Tsugu Mono Tsuga Reru Mono

Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Release date(s): JP 2005-10-13
Genre: Action Role-playing
Game modes: 1
Platform(s): PlayStation 2

Producer: Toshiyuki Itahana
Director: Yusuke Naora
Scenario writer: Yusuke Naora
Character designer: Yusuke Naora, Toshiyuki Itahana
Composer(s): Kumi Tanioka

Code Age Commanders is a Japan-exclusive action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix on 2005-10-13 for the PlayStation 2. It is part of the Code Age series, a franchise created by video game artist Yusuke Naora and designed to span different interweaved titles in multiple platforms and media.

The game focuses successively on the viewpoints of four main protagonists. Critics of the game were relatively positive, with high praises of its graphics and art direction but more mixed feelings for its complex and atypical gameplay.


The story of the game depicts the struggles of people surviving in a fictional "intraglobular world" menaced by an impending destruction, mysterious warped creatures, and different factions warring against each other.


  • Gene
  • Aliz
  • Warhead Kilroy
  • Meme
  • Fiona
  • Gerald
  • Haze Healy

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