Dauragon from The Bouncer

Dauragon C. Mikado is the main antagonist of The Bouncer.


Dauragon appears to have shoulder length blond hair with a half fringe on the left and a single fringe at the right and turquoise blue eyes.

His main appearance has him wearing a purple long trenchcoat with a silver collar and a matching silver design which it keeps his chains. Underneath is a black denim overhauled jumper pants and brown shoes with dark brown straps in the middle.

When fighting in the medium mode after defeating him at first, Dauragon is seen removing his trenchcoat to fight the trio.

Upon defeating him in hard mode while defeating by the trio for the second time, Dauragon is later seen in shirtless after removing the jumper straps from his black denim overhauled jumper pants as the straps are now hanging loose in each sides. He still wears the outfit in the ending after been defeated by the trio.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

Dauragon is fought four times throughout the course of the game and has different stats in each fight.

220 / 230 / 235 / 255 Life

200 / 200 / 200 / 210 Power

160 / 180 / 190 / 170 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 26

Height: 6'2"

Fighting Style: Open-palm Dragon Prayer

The young CEO of the Mikado Group international megacorporation. Dauragon has risen to his present position because he is the adopted son of the previous CEO. He has been trained since childhood to succeed as head of the Mikado Group and is capable of handling any situation calmly. He is responsible for Dominique's abduction, but his motives for such an action are unknown.


Dauragon C. Mikado is the older brother of Dominique Cross, who he protected and lived with as orphans on the streets of Edge. When a night came when Dominque's illness became worse, he carried her through the city streets in order to find a hospital that would treat her illness. He was not successful, but he eventually encountered Master Mikado, the CEO of the Mikado Group, who agreed to pay for Dominique's treatment if he could adopt the young man. Dauragon accepted his offer, took "Mikado" as his family name, and spent the next several years rigorously training his mind and body to become a worthy successor for his benefactor's corporation. However, he began to harbor a great deal of resentment for the harsh world that he came from, and especially towards the doctors who turned his dying sister away. During his youth under the adoption of Master Mikado, it is believed he engaged in criminal and illegal activities in his spare time; many include plotting several attempts on Master Mikado's life, including hiring the help of Volt Kruguer, to hasten the process of inheriting the Mikado Group, and systematically killing a new intern, Kaldea Orchid, to include as the first subject on the Group's confidential integrated cyborg robotics weapons project during his ownership.

After a successful attempt on Master Mikado's life, he then directed the Mikado Group's vast resources to build a weaponized satellite under the guise of a next generation energy system. Included in this was the construction of an android replica of Dominique, who was meant to be the activation piece for the satellite as its laser guidance CPU; however, Dominique eventually learned of her dark true purpose, and escaped into the streets of Edge to avoid being the centerpiece of her brother's vindictive and wrathful terror onto the world.

Upon her disappearance, Dauragon immediately began searches and investigations to find her. After a year of searching, he then sent a Special Forces squad under the lead of Mugetsu to kidnap Dominique, and began the launch of his plan. His mentor and advisor, Wong Leung (who had also taken in and trained Sion Barzhad), tried to stop Dauragon when he learned what his pupil planned to do, but Dauragon murdered the old man and fought Sion, Volt, and Kou to a standstill when they confronted him. He then boarded a ship called the Galeos and departed for space, where he used Dominique to activate the satellite's cannon and blew up the hospital that had turned them away. Sion, Volt, and Kou managed to board the Galeos and cornered Dauragon in the satellite control room, where he fought them while arguing that humans needed to be dominated by a powerful leader and insisting that they could never understand the hardship he had experienced. After an intense series of fights, the three bouncers managed to defeat Dauragon and free Dominique. They all boarded a shuttle and evacuated the Galeos before it was destroyed in a collision with the satellite, leaving Dauragon's lifeless body to drift through the cold void of space.

Game InfoEdit

On the first two playthroughs, the game ends after the third fight with Dauragon. He will challenge the player to a fourth and final fight on the third and subsequent playthroughs, with no opportunity to recover between the fights.

In the first fight, Dauragon keeps one arm chained behind his back and fights alongside Kaldea Orchid, who remains in her panther form the whole time. In the second fight, he unchains his arm and uses a variety of fast and powerful punches, kicks, and throws. In the third fight, he removes his coat and gains use of some acrobatic kick combos, as well as the unblockable Jet Uppercut. In the fourth fight, he rips his overalls and uses powerful combo attacks such as the Flying Dragon Kick and Rushing Beat. Notably, he has maximum life and slightly higher power during the fourth fight, but his defense is reduced.

In Story Mode, Trinity Rushes will never work on Dauragon.


  • His name is a veritable katakana pronunciation of the word dragon. Likewise, dragons are a motif to Dauragon.
    • In eastern literature, while dragons are often paired with tigers in terms of motifs and themes of characters to highlight the theme of two different yet relatable and equal mutually dualistic synchronistic forces, should they be paired with dog themed characters, this is at best going further to represent understandable but incompatible forces that keep each other separate or irreconcilable enemies. This is likely inspired by the Eastern Zodiac, which cite that dog and dragon signs are one of the six worst pairings that do not work out with each other; the dog, obedient, righteous, principled, and down to earth, finds the dragon ostentatious, law bending, and elitist, while the dragon, flamboyant, rigorous, devil may care, yet virtuous and commanding, finds the dog too dour and easily hampered by limits, including finding fault with its cynicism and its own double standards. This may be highlighted with Sion, who has a dog theme to his character.
  • His attire of overalls alludes to the traditional attire of hakama, where they found their use prominently by higher class samurai and martial artists. Being barechested while wearing these overalls also is a more "modern" and fashion innovative take on wearing hakama barechested as well, as doing so represents going all out and without mercy. A design comparison may be made with Geese Howard of Fatal Fury in this regard.
  • The nature of his overalls alluding to hakama may also be in reference to the term of "being worthy enough of filling in your predecessor's shoes", as they give the impression of rather large hakama adapted to be worn regularly.
  • He is similar to Rufus Shinra of Final Fantasy VII, though with a more vengeful and hateful character. Like Rufus, Dauragon is the inheritor of a multi billion dollar international industry with great world influence, and plans on using fear to control the populace; however, Rufus does so in his own enjoyment, rather than Dauragon doing so out of hatred and unresolved anger with the world.

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