Yūshi no Monshō: Deep Dungeon (勇士の紋章 ディープダンジョン?, lit. The Crest of the Hero: Deep Dungeon), also called Deep Dungeon 2: Yuushi no Monshou, is the second installment of the Deep Dungeon series. According to Square Enix, it was the first 3D dungeon crawler RPG for the Famicom console.

The player will need to explore an eight floor tower (consisting of four ground floors and four underground floors) to find him and defeat him. Battles were much faster paced in this sequel. Whereas the first game could get slow because of the very high miss rate for both player and enemies, creating prolonged battle scenes, this game improved that. It also has a much higher encounter rate, and the player is very likely to be attacked within seconds if they stand still. A new feature to this game is that if the player is significantly higher in level than the enemies for the current floor, they will not be attacked while randomly walking through the hallways (although they will still be attacked when they step on predetermined spaces on the map). When the player gains an experience level, they are given attribute points to allocate to their character's stats as they wish, unlike most console RPGs of the era, where stat upgrades are usually predetermined or randomized beyond the player's control.

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