Django from Ehrgeiz

Django (ジャンゴ) is a mysterious wolf-like character that plays the role of the sub-final boss in Ehrgeiz. He is a mystical creature seeking a mysterious force, and awaits visitors in the back of the ancient ruins.

Django can be unlocked as a playable character by meeting certain conditions in the game. His attacks are similar to certain characters in Tobal 2, such as Dog, Ikkaku, Tri Horn, and Spike Shield. His standard costume is gray fur, however his alternate costume (red fur) has many resemblances to Red XIII. His attack names reference Red XIII, his father Seto and Final Fantasy summons.



  • Seto Punch
  • Seto Combination
  • Titan Head
  • Hades Bite
  • Nanaki Kick
  • Nanaki Combination
  • Seto Low Punch
  • Tail Leviathan
  • Chocobo Kick
  • Bahamut Kick
  • Ifrit Bite
  • Shiva Attack
  • Django Step
  • Thread Fang
  • Typhon Brush
  • Brat Fang
  • Phoenix Roll


  • Throw
  • Biting Bahamut Zero

Special Attacks

  • Mega Flare
  • Giga Flare
  • Knight Round Rolling

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