"The reins of History back in the hands of Man."
—Cidolfus Demen Bunansa

Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (シドルファス・デム・ブナンザ Shidorufasu Demu Bunanza), or Dr. Cid (ドクター・シド Dokutā Shido) as he is better known, is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XII, and the first Cid ever to be a main antagonist.


Not much is known about Cid's life before the events of Final Fantasy XII. Father to Ffamran mied Bunansa, his wife is never seen, so it can be assumed she is either dead, or left him due to his deteriorating sanity. He is responsible for most of the airships and weapons built for the Archadian Empire, and the promotion of his son to Judge.

Six years before the main story of Final Fantasy XII, Dr. Cid traveled to Jagd Difohr for research. There, he stumbled upon the Ancient City of Giruvegan, and found out how to synthetically produce the stone of the gods, Nethicite. Over time, he slowly became obsessed with the stone, and with putting "the reins of history back in the hands of man". Everyone, including his own son, saw his sanity slowly slipping, as he constantly talked to someone who wasn't there.

Cid was never actually talking to himself, but rather to the Occurian Venat, a heretic who would tell the secrets of the gods to man. 6 years before the events of the game, Cid traveled to Giruvegan, where he met Venat. Venat considers Cid its pupil, and together they created manufacted nethicite. Cid believes that everything he does, even the destruction of Nabudis, is with mankind's best interest at heart.

Cid has three sons, Ffamran being the third. However, once Cid became obsessed with nethicite, Ffamran ran away. Apparently, he couldn't bear to see Cid enslaved by the stone's power. However, years later, they met up again when the player party invades the Draklor Laboratory as Reddas had. Cid evades them, forcing Ashe and group into a goose chase at Giruvegan. By the time they cross paths at Pharos at Ridorana Cid integrates the three Nethicite shards Raithwall cut back into the Sun-Cryst before fighting his son while the Sun-Cryst undergoes a meltdown. However, even to his dying breath, Cid believed what he was doing was right as his final creation, the Bahamut, siphoned enough of the Sun-Cryst energy to activate.


Dr. Cid appears as a storyline boss, he is fought twice, once in Archades, the second one being associated with Famfrit.


It is interesting to note that Cid and Balthier share the same surname (Bunansa) as the father-son pair from Final Fantasy Tactics, Besrudio Bunansa and Mustadio Bunansa.

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