Dragon Quest
Dragon Warrior

Developer(s): Chunsoft
Publisher(s): Template:Vgrelease
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Genre: Role-playing
Game modes: Single-player
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Producer: Yukinobu Chida
Director: Koichi Nakamura
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Character designer: {{{characterdesigner}}}
Composer(s): Koichi Sugiyama

Dragon Quest (ド ラ ゴ ン ク エ ス ト Kuesuto Doragon?), Known as Dragon Warrior in the United States, is a role-playing game published in 1986 by Enix for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and later ported to other platforms. This is the first chapter of the series, now in its tenth episode.


The game comes with a non-linear structure, and includes a large fully explorable world, in which the player can freely move their avatar. As you explore, you can visit various places like cities, villages, dungeons o castelli, or bump into random battles against a multitude of different enemies, all adverse to the player, to deal with a clash in a typical shift of the classic role-playing games.

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