Aldous Byron Bardorba
Aldous Byron Bardorba
Kana アルドゥス・バイロン・バルドルバ
Romaji Arudusu Bairon Barudorba
Age 64
Height 174 cm
Affliation Valendia Parliament
Rank Parliament member
"Am I fated to rot and wither even as I breathe?"
—Duke Bardorba

Duke Aldous Byron Bardorba is a plot character in Vagrant Story. A hero of the Valendian Civil War and now an aging political figure. He has long retired from fighting in battles, but his grip on the Parliament is unrelenting. He is married and is the father of two sons, Sydney and Joshua. His life and Sydney's are inextricably tied together after a rite performed years ago to save young Sydney's life. When he slays Sydney at the end of the game, he is also slaying himself. He is also found to have financed the Müllenkamp cult.

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