CGI Echidna

Echidna from The Bouncer

Echidna (real name Aena Paula) is a character from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

200 Life

175 Power

205 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 25

Height: 5'6"

Fighting Style: Capoeira

A supervisor in the Mikado Group. She is arrogant, and hates to lose. She boasts a flamboyant outfit wearing black sandals and a unique hairstyle. Echidna has some sort of history with Volt.


Echidna first met Volt while he was a bodyguard for Master Mikado. Like her rival, she also soared through the ranks and became a special agent as well. However, since they were both the top dogs, she always wound up as being Volt's shadow since she seems weaker than him. Her jealousy and hatred for him was shown when she challenged him to a duel, and he refused the offer since it was unethical to lay a hand on a lady. A few years later, Master Mikado was killed. It turned out that she framed Volt for the killing after she ordered security to gun him down. Since then, he disappeared.

The Bouncer storyline Edit

Echidna was first seen inside the Mikado cargo train as the captain informed her there are intruders. She commands the rent-a-cops to eliminate the trio, but they eventually caught up with her. She was accompanied by two officers, and she was very shocked when she saw Volt with the group. She was determined to finish Volt off a second time, but she wasn't successful. She warns him that she'll show him a woman's wrath next time. She jumps into the river and was never seen again, until the bouncers make their way to the Galeos.

Because she's the main supervisor of Mikado, and that Mugetsu and PD-4 are gone, she'll be the top dog once she defeats the bouncers. She becomes increasingly agitated when Volt refuses to fight her, as when he became a special agent she was always obeying him. Accompanied by two robots, she lost again. Then she reveals that she was hired by Dauragon to murder Master Mikado and to have Volt blamed for it. After he persuades her to leave the accursed company, she tells him that Dominique is now with her brother, and the Galeos is taking off. But before they boarded it, she wants Volt to fight her in a rematch.

If Volt was chosen to fight Dauragon, Echidna shows up at Fate during his shift. She took his advice and decided to become a new bouncer for the bar. They seemed to have reconciled after that.

Game InfoEdit

Echidna fights the player multiple times throughout the game, sometimes with robots to support her. While she is not very strong, she has a number of erratic moves that can score several hits if they are not blocked.

Trivia Edit

  • Echidna wears either a bright pink wrap of fur or feathers.


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