Fei Fong Wong
Won Fei Fon

Game: Xenogears
Designed by: Kunihiko Tanaka

Weapon(s): Fists
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Fei Fong Wong is the main protagonist of Xenogears.

One dark and stormy night in Ignas' Lahan Village just three years prior to the beginning of the game, Fei was delivered into the care of Chief Lee by a mysterious stranger. A well-liked, respected painter, his peaceful world is shattered just moments after the adventure starts. From that point forward, memory losses and disturbing flashbacks plague Fei.

With the help of trusty companions, Fei embarks on a noble crusade against repulsive villains. Along the way, allies become enemies and enemies become allies. Before the quest is over, Fei makes many remarkable discoveries, as doubts about his past and current mission are resolved.

Except for a brief period, Fei is the focal point of the whole story, and always leads the party. A martial artist extraordinaire, Fei is one tough cookie in a fight.

Fei has three Gears at his disposal, each more powerful than the last: Weltall, Weltall-2 and Xenogears.


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