Final Fantasy

Developer(s) Square
Publisher(s) Square
Nintendo (NES & GBA)
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Final Fantasy is the first game in the popular Final Fantasy series of role-playing games, helping enormously to popularize the genre. First published in 1987 by Squaresoft, it was titled "Final Fantasy" in the belief that the company, who had not yet produced a money-making game, was putting out what would end up being their final product. This proved false, as Final Fantasy became a commercial success, leading to many more sequels, spinoffs, remakes and compilations.


Before the world came into the Dark Ages, four power crystals controlled and regulated the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Wind) and spread their light, peace and harmony into the world. On a sad day, the crystalline light went out and the natural order of the planet was irretrievably altered. Evil, darkness and shrinking began to spread on Earth, scary creatures began to appear everywhere and cities fell into confusion and went to ruin. Before leaving for the Ascending Lake and joining the greatest essays of humanity, the Prophet Lukhan announced to the citizens of Cornelia the arrival of four great heroes who would fight against evil and restore peace and harmony, calling them Warriors of Light.

When the group of boys enters Cornelia, the citizens know that Princess Sarah has been kidnapped by the evil Garland, and that her father, King, is desperately seeking the legendary Light Warriors to regain her safe and sound. They learn that Garland has hidden in the ancient Chaos Temple, now abandoned and populated by wild creatures. After a hard struggle they save Sarah and lead her to the Castle of Cornelia where her father expects anxious and grateful, as well as every Cornelia inhabitant, for the courage shown by the young. Sarah, on the other hand, decided to reward her saviors with a lust that royal family women passed away for generations for two thousand years and Garland had tried to steal.

The light warriors then meet in the town of Pravoka, and flee the pirates who are plundering the city, seizing their ship they use to reach the Elves, in great difficulty. The heroes come to know that the sovereign of those lands, the Prince, has fallen victim to a wickedness of the wicked Astos, a dark elf devoted to the evil forces, who condemned him to an eternal sleep. The only way to break the evil is to use particular herbs to make it work. The only one who knew how to handle these substances was Witch Matoya, who, however, needs his precious crystal eye and would like to regain it. The boys find that Astos is stuck with the eye and that the dark elf is home to an ancient castle in the north. Here, instead of finding Astos, light warriors find a poor sovereign and the castle destroyed. The only way to rebuild the castle is to retrieve a crown that is in the Caves of Paludos. The heroes who do not turn back help the monarch who eventually turns out to be Astos himself. The elf is defeated and the warriors retrieve the crystal eye and receive in gift the herbs that will heal the prince.



The world of the original Final Fantasy is called World A, as it is referred to in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

  • Cornelia, [role of location]
  • Provoka, [role of location]
  • Elfheim, [role of location


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