Final Fantasy III
Fainaru Fantajī III

Developer(s): Square
Publisher(s): Square
Release date(s): Famicom
JP April 27, 1990
Nintendo DS
JP August 24, 2006
NA November 14, 2006
PAL May 4, 2007
Genre: Role-playing game
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Producer: Masafumi Miyamato
Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi
Scenario writer: Kenji Terada
Character designer: Yoshitaka Amano
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy III is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1990 for the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom, known internationally as the Nintendo Entertainment System) as a part of the Final Fantasy video game series. It is the first numbered Final Fantasy game to feature the job-change system, and was one of the largest role-playing games created for Nintendo's console. An enhanced remake of the game, updated with 3D visuals designed to stay true to the original, was released for the Nintendo DS portable game system and this remake is the only iteration of the game to be released internationally.


The plot of the game involves four orphaned youths who come across a crystal, which grants them a portion of its power, then instructs them to go forth and restore balance to the world. Shocked but heartened, the four inform their adoptive family of their mission and set out to explore and bring back balance to the world.


The Famicom version generates four Onion Kid characters.

The Nintendo DS version introduces four playable characters:

  • Luneth, an orphan from Ur
  • Arc, a friend of Luneth
  • Refia, a blacksmith's adopted daugther
  • Ingus, knight of Castle Sasune


The world of Final Fantasy III is known as the Floating Continent.

  • Ur, [role of location]
  • Kazus, [role of location]
  • Canaan, [role of location

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