Gordon (ゴードン, Gōdon) is a character from Final Fantasy II.


Gordon is the Prince of Kashuan (Kas'ion in the enhanced remake of the game as part of Final Fantasy Origins) who has been a member of the Wild Rose rebellion since the Emperor of Palamecia's attack on Fynn. During the attack, Gordon retreated, while his brother Scott stood his ground in the battle, losing his life as a result. Unable to forgive himself for abandoning his own brother, Gordon is determined to gain courage through his further assistance to the rebellion. With certain knowledge of the Sunfire and Egil's Torch, Gordon is recruited into the party in Castle Kashuan. He also assists the party in their attack on the Emperor's airship, the Dreadnought, but leaves the party to command the rebellion's army, as part of the King of Fynn's dying wishes. Gordon does, however, return to the party one last time to help rescue Princess Hilda from the Emperor's Coliseum, before leaving the party once again.

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