Guy (ガイ, Gai) is a character from Final Fantasy II, also known as Gus in the remake of the game as part of Final Fantasy Origins is a tough childhood friend of Firion, Maria, and Leon.


He escapes Fynn with them when the town is under attack by the Emperor of Palamecia. The origin of his name may come from the fact that he is an overly-stereotypical male—having extraordinary physical strength but lacking in the department of intelligence. (This not only applies to the game story-wise, but is also true of Guy's gameplay status at the beginning of the game.) Despite the facts that Guy seems somewhat unintelligent and can hardly speak properly, he has the uncanny ability to communicate with beavers. It is a possibility that he may not be mentally challenged at all, however, and that he may have been raised in the wild, allowing him to communicate with animals and bear super-human strength at the expense of having poor language skills (It should be noted that the name 'Guy' is very similar to 'Gau' of Final Fantasy VI; a boy raised in the wild who can speak to animals and suffers in language skills, though their appearances are almost the exact opposite of each other).

Voiced by Kenta Miyake in the Final Fantasy Origins remake of II.

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