Han Daehan
韓 大韓'

Game: Ehrgeiz
Designed by:

Age: 23
Weapon(s): Missile
Nationality: Korean
Sex: Male
Occupation: Action Movie Star
Taekwondo Master
Voice actor: Tomokazu Seki
Fighting Style: Taekwondo
Height: 5'11"/181cm
Weight: 154lbs/70kg
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Han Daehan (韓 大韓) is a character from Ehrgeiz.

A master of Tae Kwon Do and a young action star without need of a stuntman, Han is a popular lad amongst the public. What the public does not know is that his right leg is actually artificial. During a movie shoot a year ago in the Middle East, a mysterious cloud of black smoke engulfed Han's leg. Peculiarly, although his leg has disappeared, he continues to retain a sensation of its existence. As he continues to seek an explanation for this particular phenomenon, he stumbles upon information that similar incidents have occurred every few decades in the area containing the ancient ruins. Han is another who becomes drawn to the mysterious surroundings of the ancient ruins.

Han is the only character in the game with two endings. If Han fails to defeat the final boss, the player will get the Bad Ending, which shows Han in an alleyway, shedding a tear for his eternally lost leg. If he manages to defeat the final boss and pick up his leg along with the Ehrgeiz sword, the player will get the Good Ending, which features Han in the same alleyway, only with a smile on his face. Leg restored, he gives his artificial leg a soft kick before leaving it there to rust.

Appearance Edit

Han appears to have a shoulder length brown hair with a scar on his right eye and brown eyes and wears a red bandanna on his head.

His primary appearance, is a gray sleeveless taekwondo dobok with a black belt to his waist, matching pants and a blue sneaker on the left. His right leg is artificial which is made of metal as he shoots homing missiles from his knee. He also wears a metal long gloves on the right and black fingerless glove on the left which is covered with bandages.

His second outfit is a purple taekwondo dobok with white stripe along with the seams, with a matching pants and a white belt. He also wears a fingerless red gloves and a single leather shoe on the left. He is not seen wearing the bandanna on his head.

In both his good and bad ending, he wears a dark green tank top with a single line at the center of his tank top, black pants and red sneakers. His shoulder length hair is now tied in a low ponytail.

Gameplay Edit

Han's fighting style is Taekwondo which he utilizing a flurry of kicks and vicious strikes. He can also use a heel drop to his opponent. His unique ability has him to shoot homing missiles from his right artificial leg as it shoots from his right knee. During charge, he can shoot two missiles at his opponent for a critical damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Han strongly resembles Hwoarang from the Tekken series in terms of appearance, outfit and fighting style.
    • He also shares Hwoarang's Taekwondo moves such as the Blizzard Kicks, Tsunami Kick, Roll and Choke, Flying Eagle and his first unblockable move, Dynamite Heel.
    • Han's primary outfit is based on Hwoarang's Player 1 outfit in Tekken 4 as his second outfit is also based on Hwoarang's Player 1 outfit in Tekken 3 until his master Baek's ending in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    • In Comic-Con 2013 during the Tekken version of the Gangnam Style dance performance. A man cosplays as Hwoarang wearing his Player 1 outfit in Tekken 5 which depicts him wearing sneakers mirroring Han's alternate appearance in the game.
  • Han is also similar to Mason in the sentai series, Choudenshi Bioman where both men are shooting homing missiles in some parts of their body. Mason shoots two missiles on his right wrist while Han shoots homing missiles on his right knee due to his leg being artificial.