JUNKMETAL is a MMOFPS developed by ENIX (now SQUARE ENIX) commissioned to Metro (TPS display is also possible by viewpoint change). Closed beta test from December 8, 2003 to February 7, 2004, Open beta test from 13 o'clock on February 10 th the same year until 13 o'clock on April 5 th of the same year, respectively, and then official service from April 12 th Was started. All services are closed on October 1, 2005.

In fact, because it has strong RPG-like aspects of the character's life in the virtual world (battle is done in the form of a part of life, for example) it is difficult to divide strict genre and it can be said as "MMOFPSRPG" . In addition, as a challenge work to the genre called MMO which produced less domestic production at that time, it is a challenge to the genre called MMO, but it is a challenge to the genre such as MMO, Many former users have praised this title for reasons such as the existence of communication. The validity of these evaluations will depend on the results of development and development in the field of MMO action in the future.

Hiroshi Yokoyama, Yoshio Sugiura, Fujioka Kenkin, and Kinoshita Takebeke are adopted as a mechanical design or illustrator. The graphic engine adopts the Lithtech Jupiter engine of Touchdown Entertainment, and the community engine company VCE as middleware of the communication part.

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