John Hardin
John Hardin
Kana ジョン・ハーディン
Romaji Jyon Hādin
Age 29
Height n/a
Affliation Müllenkamp cult
Rank Second-in-command
"The duke thinks he can cut off the cursed Müllenkamp bloodline, but that must not be allowed to happen. We will assume the legacy."
—John Hardin

John Hardin is Sydney's second in command; a tireless, faithful servant pushed to join the cult after the government betrayed him. He possesses the power of scrying on events far away and proves himself heartbreakingly gentle by the end of the game.


For a cultist, his care for Joshua perplexes Merlose. Hardin then reveals that he once had a little brother, who was a sickly boy half his age. During the wartime he worked with a special team that provide weapons to rebels in a neighboring kingdom. This little operation was caught selling the weapons in black market, but none ever admitted to the crime. However, Hardin wanted money and freedom, and betrayed his friends by telling the truth. He was not set free, nevertheless, so Hardin escaped prison on his own, only to find that his brother had died.

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