Josef (ヨーゼフ, Yōzefu) is a character from Final Fantasy II.


Josef is a kind soul living with his wife and daughter in the snow mountain village of Salamand. Though not necessarily a member of the rebellion, Josef is a true asset to those opposing the Emperor of Palamecia. With great knowledge of the land, Josef first leads Firion, Maria, Guy, and Minwu to obtain the silver material in Semmit Falls, hoping that it can be used to create sturdy armor for the rebellion. Firion is later informed by Princess Hilda that the Sunfire can be used to destroy the Empire's airship — Dreadnought — but must obtain the Goddess's Bell in order to retrieve the mystical flames. The Bell is located in the Snow Cavern, an area only familiar to Josef. Josef joins Firion, Maria, and Guy to retrieve the Bell, and they do so. After killing the Emperor's evil henchman Borghen, a giant boulder emerges as a trap to kill the heroes. Josef uses all his strength to stop the boulder, ultimately sacrificing his life by doing so.

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