This article is about the Vagrant Story character. For the The World Ends With You character, see Joshua
Joshua Bardorba
Jyoshua Barudoruba

Game: Vagrant Story
Designed by: Akihiko Yoshida

Age: 4

Joshua Corrinne Bardorba is a minor character in Vagrant Story.



Duke Bardorba sired Joshua at a late age and treasures his son so much that he calls him "my soul." Unfortunately, the boy becomes a hostage along with the servants in the occupation of the manor, and is taken to Leá Monde by the hand of John Hardin.

Presumably, the relationship between Sydney Losstarot and the duke came to an end with the manor's occupation. Perhaps the cult kidnapped Joshua to keep the duke from intervening in the crisis. He remains mute, traumatized by the events unfolding, until the death of John Hardin to whom he was comfortable with.

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