The Rood of Iocus.

Kiltia is an ancient religion in Vagrant Story, known to have exist more than 2000 years before the game's storyline. A pseudo-religion combining magic and machines, the adjective Kildean refers to Kiltia-made items. Kiltia are known to have created gemstones named after the knights of Camelot, and created mechanical puppets such as Kali and Ravana in the image of the deity Asura. Most of the artifacts survived, including the rusted nails - claws once used by the Kildean tactician Rinomy.

2,000 years before the Graylands Incident, rose the most prominent figure of this religion; the dancer-priestess Müllenkamp. The Kildean priestess founded the dark city Leá Monde. Her influence was so strong that a cult was formed around her. In this age where magic is still as common as sellswords, Leá Monde was carved with the ancient Kildean lettering to strengthen her pact with the Dark; the formless energy and source of magic, Müllenkamp carved the city with Kildean glyphs to create what is known as the Gran Grimoire, and sealed it with the Blood-Sin tattoo on her back.

As time passed, the Iocus priesthood slowly gain momentum within Valendia until it became a powerful and influential priesthood. It was at this time that Müllenkamp was branded a heretical cult and the Inquisition was held to cleanse the city of Leá Monde. Ironically, the Iocus priesthood adapted the Blood-Sin tattoo, which they called the Rood Inverse; only rotating it upside-down to become the Rood of the Iocus priesthood. Moreover, while magic and the Dark was abhorred in Valendia, the Iocus priesthood particularly the Cardinal endorsed its use in the higher echelons of the Order of the Crimson Blades. Secretly, the Valendian Parliament also seek to harness the powers of the Dark.

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