King's Knight (キングスナイト?) is a 1986 video game published by Square for the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX. It was later re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console in Japan on November 27, 2007 and in North America on March 24, 2008.

Music composed by Nobuo Uematsu.


(From the manual)

Kings Knight Cover Art
"In the Kingdom of Izander, the fair Princess Claire has been kidnapped by a foul and insidious Dragon and it is the mission of four brave fighters to save her. These fearless champions will come together, after proving themselves on their own, to fight their way to the lair of the Dragon and restore the kingdom to its peaceful state. The knight, Ray Jack, will go first. He is the most experienced of the group and he carries a strong weapon. The wizard Kaliva is next. He has magic and good jumping abilities. The Monster Barusa follows. This scaly creature has strong defenses and can take many hits. The Thief Toby is the youngest and quickest member of the team. They must first set out solo and build their individual fighting abilities. Once they each have advanced skills, these courageous warriors will come together to seek out and save the princess. You must help them seek their goal as you are now part of the team that will fight to free the princess from her imprisonment. Keep your wits about you, plan your strategy and set off on an exciting adventure!"

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