"Time to save your princess Sion!"

Kou from The Bouncer

Kou Leifoh is a playable protagonist from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

200 Life

185 Power

210 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 25

Height: 6'0"

Fighting Style: A style that uses Tae Kwon Do's ferocious long-range kicks.

A bouncer at Fate. A man of many words, he is cocky and sets the mood for the rest of the group. Fortunately, he is not all talk; he also has the skills to back up his smart mouth.


"Teacher: Your boy is a genius. Not only scholastically; he is also musically and artistically very talented.
Mother: Indeed. I want him to bring honor to the Hurst family name.
Kou: I'd like to learn martial arts too.
Mother: Absolutely not! What if something happened to you!?
Kou: ...
—17 years ago

Kou was originally the only male heir to the prestigious Hurst family. Academically bright and highly talented, he also desired to excel in martial arts - something that his mother did not approve of and find safe for his and their family's security.

Constantly pleading his mother to practice Tae Kwon Do, Kou left home after having enough of his mother's overprotectiveness and sought out a school to teach him, as he also believed that the one to truly inherit his family's name must not also be knowledgeable and striving, but also physically fit and strong.

Over the span of two years, Kou prodigiously excelled in his martial art of choice at 14, and even earned high marks by his grandmaster after going face to face with him in battle. Growing older, the grandmaster also regarded Kou as a worthy successor of the school, even though as that was not even possible for him and the ecstatic Kou, as the prestigious Hurst family name was the very obstacle.

Later on, when he was 20, Kou enrolled into the investigation agency LUKIS, desiring something more thrilling and adventurous in his life. Passing with flying colors during training, it was then Kou started to grow tired of the fame associated with his family name, often getting him misappropriate perceptions of an elite upper class man, which nearly got him disqualified with his overseeing senior officer.

During his career at LUKIS, he had also met Leann Caldwell, another high ranking agent, yet more careful and thorough than the excitable Kou, where he had warmly received her upon their introduction. On the mission that followed, Leann had unexpectedly tripped up the attention of their opposition's security. Coming in mass and more than expected, Kou helped draw their attention, while she was told to make a quick getaway. Surviving and succeeding, Leann received a promotion, and their relationship blossomed further, as she owed Kou a date.

A year prior to the events of Mikado's official launch for their new solar energy technology, LUKIS received crucial information regarding Mikado's ulterior motives, and including their research concerning questionable bionic and biological applications. With Leann as the leader of the mission to infiltrate Mikado, Dominique soon was spotted in Edge with Sion at FATE. Because of this, Kou was ordered to get a full body tattoo to help fit in on Dog Street with his surveillance activities.

Applying as a bouncer at FATE, the recession didn't help at all, as Boss didn't have enough money on his payroll for the position. Attending as a regular, Kou showed some goodwill and also helped keep roughhousers in line, and because of this, Dominique also helped negotiate things to help get Kou in as a bouncer for the bar.

Game InfoEdit

Kou is less powerful than the other two protagonists, but he compensates for his lack of power with speed and reach. Many of his special attacks can score multiple hits on enemies, and with proper timing, his Circular Uppercut can be used to perform infinite combos.

Trivia Edit

  • Kou without doubt resembles Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Kou's hairstyle and tattoos show up years later as Sho Minamimoto.
  • He's known as the mole; he works with Dominique but can eliminate her and go against his friends wishes at anytime. All the while feeding info to his superiors.


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