The outer shell of Lavos

Lavos is the main villain in the game Chrono Trigger. It is a huge alien entity, hiding inside a monstrous Shell. According to the game, Lavos means Big Fire, as when Lavos first appeared in the sky, it looked like a red star.

Template:Spoilers Lavos crashed down on the planet in the year 65,000,000 BC, landing on Tyran Castle and burying itself deep underground. It fed on the planet's life force, forcing an ice age.

In 12,000 BC, the kingdom of Zeal tapped into Lavos's power with the Mammon Machine. When Crono and his allies attacked the Machine in the Undersea Palace, Lavos awoke. It rained destruction on Zeal, and the floating islands fell to the ground. Crono sacrificed his life so his friends could escape Lavos's destruction.

In the Middle Ages, the wizard Magus tried to defeat Lavos, but Crono and his allies stopped him, thinking he was summoning Lavos to destroy the world. Magus's summoning awakened Lavos briefly, and it sucked Crono and his party back to the time of its arrival, while Magus ended up in 12,000 BC.

After having lived beneath the earth for thousands of years, Lavos finally surfaced, on the day called the Day of Lavos, and destroyed almost everything on the planet, making it a barren wasteland. In the ruined future, Lavos reigns from atop Death Peak. Its spawn will eventually leave Earth in search of new planets to consume.

After tying up whatever loose ends they could, Crono's party attacked Lavos, breaking through its shell and fighting its core. Defeating it saves the future.

Chrono CrossEdit

A Lavos reincarnate known as the Time Devourer appears in Chrono Cross as the final boss.

Chrono Trigger DS Edit

Another optional variant of Lavos appears in the Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger known as the Dream Devourer. This incarnation of Lavos is merged with Schala Zeal as an allusion on the Time Devourer from Chrono Cross

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