Lea KH3D
Role Neutral (Birth By Sleep)
Keyblade Wielder (Dream Drop Distance)
Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Home World Radiant Garden
Katakana リア
Romaji Ria
English Voice
Quinton Flynn
Japanese Voice
Keiji Fujiwara

'Lea' appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, is the best friend of Isa.

Description Edit

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep:

A nice, funny guy who tends to do things without consulting anyone else, sometimes with disastrous results. It seems to be hung on the people he met, and who remember him. Lea has taught Ventus the importance of making new friends.

History Edit

He was together with his best friend Isa when he met Fri sitting on the ground with the Keyblade of the Earth wood. Lea picked up the Keyblade, and asked if he owned Ventus. Ven said yes, then Lea began to tease Fri, saying that he behaved as a child when he was still playing with those things, showing his pride Fresbee. Immediately after this incident, Fri challenge in a fight while Isa steps aside smiling. But the clash comes out defeated and Isa does not waste time to tease him. He says that as a friend he should take his share and tells Ven to see what kind it has to do. Isa goes away, leaving him behind with Ven. Lea tells Ven that they would meet again because now they were friends. He reaches Isa, the two look at the Ansem the Wise castle and then they leave.

Other appearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Lea makes its appearance in the trailer Jump Festa by Kingdom Hearts 3D, is shown protecting Mickey from the attacks of Maleficent with the chakram Axel. He is also shown in a previous scene and talk to Ienzo Aeleus. In this trailer Lea looks like Axel in Kingdom Hearts II, but without the purple marks under his eyes.

Having in the past (KH Birth by Sleep) touched a keyblade now has the ability to use the Keyblade, the same way they got their keyblade Kairi BBS touching to Aqua, Riku touching that of Earth.

Learn to use the Keyblade, claiming to have to take the exam to become a teacher.

Appearance Edit

Lea has hair similar to his Nobody, only shorter and of a bright red while the eyes remain unchanged. Lea wearing a white tank top under an orange sleeveless vest with pockets. Door of wide brownish-gray trousers that end just before the ankles. Wearing the red shoes with the edge and the white tab with blacks and blacks socks laces. Kefia neck wearing a yellow scarf.

When will the human in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, is identical to its no one like her clothes, only it does not have signs in the shape of "tear" under the eyes.


Lea is at once childlike and competitive, ready to destroy the program Isa for his fight with Ventus. This is evident also in the credits, when you are seen trying to break free from the grasp of Dilan.


It seems that Lea tramasse something with Isa, their plan was unveiled in the credits where you see Dilan and Aeleus slamming Lea and Isa out of the castle of Ansem the Wise. The two are then still seen in the credits where Lea buys an ice cream Sea Salt from Scrooge McDuck

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