Leann from The Bouncer

Leann Caldwell is a character from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

200 Life

185 Power

205 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 24

Height: 5'4"

Fighting Style: Cutting Fist


Leann Caldwell works for LUKIS, the same company that employs Kou Leifoh. She serves as his contact and helps him get classified info on the Mikado Group. She received a promotion for her performance during a mission that she and Kou went on together, during which Kou distracted the enemy security forces and bought Leann time to escape. As a result, she owes him a date.

The Bouncer storyline Edit

During Story Mode, Leann has made some brief, though frequent, cameos. One of them was during the prologue where she listens in on a newsbreak of the solar-power generator satellite. At the same time, she gets information on the target, Dominique Cross; unfortunately, the Mikado Group was already heading for the Fate bar.

If Kou is chosen for the first fight, she makes a cameo as she's heard talking on the phone with him. She gives him info that a special cargo train is heading for Mikado in a half hour. And she says she'll back the team up in her fighter jet, the Orage.

During the train ride, Leann shoots it and disabled the brakes, resulting in a huge collision at the station. It may be possible that Leann has given Kou a description of the scenario as he manages to disguise himself as one of Mugetsu's henchmen.

Leann leads her team of fighter pilots to shoot down the Galeos before the trio infiltrated it. Kou received the message after he contacted for help. If the player picks Kou for the last fight against Dauragon, she informs the main trio on how to evacuate the Galeos via a recorded message.

Finally, during the ending, she first compliments Kou on a job well done, and he's free to take his vacation. Though, he considers otherwise and decides to stick to the assignment on keeping a watchful eye over Dominique. Before his shift ended, she contacts him again to meet him at the city hall in private. She got orders of command to fight him, to his surprise. After he won, she revealed that it was just a test. LUKIS didn't have a lot of confidence in Kou, and they thought he would lose. She said if he has been doing his job, the situation shouldn't be so overwhelming. He passed and he'll be able to continue on his assignment. Sadly, he was unable to get that date, as she left him saying it's against regulations to get personally involved.

Game InfoEdit

Leann can be unlocked by using Kou in every stage of Story Mode, then defeating her in the sequence during the ending.

Leann's fighting style relies primarily on speed and kicks. Her specials execute quickly and are useful in a variety of situations. She also has a throw.

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