Leila (in Japanese Reila レイラ Reira) is a character from Final Fantasy II.


Leila is an adventurous girl who speaks in pirate-like jargon and who first encounters the party when she offers Firion, Maria, and Guy transportation to the island of Deist, where the party is hoping to recruit Dragoons into the rebellion's army. However, the offer turns out to have been merely a ruse to lure the party onto her ship to rob them, as Leila is really a pirate, and as soon as the ship leaves the harbor, the party is ambushed by Leila's swashbuckling crew. However, the pirates are defeated, but instead of taking Leila's life, Firion chooses to recruit the pirates into the rebellion army, and Leila joins the party. However, she leaves when Gordon rejoins the party to rescue Princess Hilda. She soon, though, rejoins the party to help the rebellion retake Castle Fynn. Later, when sailing to the Mysidian Tower, the party is swallowed by Leviathan. With Leila missing, Firion takes her for dead, only to find her alive and well later in Castle Fynn with Hilda and Gordon. For the rest of the game, she is always standing by their thrones, presumably advising them and offering the services of her pirate crew to the Rebellion (she even takes temporary control of the entire rebel army when Gordon leaves to rescue Hilda). Also, she's the only character who already knows black magic when joining the party.

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