This is the story for many of the chapters with in the video game, Live A Live.

This page also holds many spoilers.

Caveman Chapter: ContactEdit

During the Stone Age, a cave boy named Pogo and his gorilla friend Gori come of age, and are taught how to hunt by their tribe. Later that night, he catches a cave girl by the name of Beri, who had been hiding and sneaking food, and is fleeing from the malevolent Ku Tribe. Pogo is immediately smitten in love with her, and allows her to stay. Upon a raid by the Ku Tribe, led by a flamboyant Zaki the next day, Pogo's tribe is angered to know that Pogo had been hiding the cause of the attack, and proceed to kick Pogo, Gori and Beri out of the establishment.

Fending for themselves in the wild, Beri is then successfully kidnapped by the Ku, with Pogo and Gori out of commission for a while. Pogo and Gori come to the rescue, and engage the Ku's leader and Zaki at their ceremonial grounds, with Beri tied up nearby. Falling from the cliff-extended platform into a chasm, it is then discovered that Beri was to be the sacrifice for a ravenous Tyrannosaurus, whom the locals know as O-D-O. With O-D-O devouring the Ku head priest, Pogo, Gori, Beri, and Zaki attempt to slay the dinosaur once and for all.

After defeating O-D-O, the group and all tribes meet together in a lush green land. Zaki becomes the new leader of the Ku Tribe and establishes a better relation with Pogo's Tribe. That night, Pogo and Beri, as well as Gori and his new girlfriends, discover another important invention to all of man: Love.

Kung Fu Master Chapter: InheritanceEdit

In ancient China, a master of the martial art of Xin Shan Quan grows with worry and interest about finding a suitable heir for the preservation of his fighting style for the next generation.

Coming down from his mountain home, his discoveries prove fruitful: In the forest west, he engages and recruits the fiercesome bandit girl Li, in the town north, he saves the chubby but agile Sammo from a chef's wrath, and in the town south, he fends off a gang of ruffians from a boy with potential, Yun.

Training fiercely, day by day does one successor come out of the master's regiments.

One fateful day however, the gang of ruffians stir up trouble in the town north, revealing that they learned a new form of martial art, known as Yi Po Men, and abuse their powers for petty theft. The master then deals with the gang once more, but not without consequence. He finds his training hall and home trashed, and worse, his students dead. With one student surviving the attack, and after recovering from the incident, the master decides to take revenge on the Yi Po Men school, who dared to attack his school and abuse their powers for selfish purposes.

Upon reaching the stronghold, the master fights his way into the enemy school. Along the way, does also the last student join the master for vengeance.

Reaching the meeting hall of Yi Po Men, the master, Odi Wang Lee sends his best henchmen out to defeat the duo, but they are not enough. However, with ambushing the master with two more servants, it is up to the student to now defeat Odi.

Finishing off Odi with the ultimate technique of Xin Shan Quan, Xuan Ya Lian Shan Quan, the student and master successfully gain retribution against the school. However, the master passes on, and the student then becomes the new master of Xin Shan Quan.

Ninja Chapter: Secret Orders Edit

In feudal Japan, a mysterious figure named Ode Iou.He is trying to throw into chaos Japan.The Enma ninja clan send one of them named Oboro-maru ninja to save a prisoner who can stabilize Japan, then kill Ode Iou. After being rescued, the prisoner Oboro joins in the battle with Ode Iou. After Ode Iou is killed, the prisoner reveals that he is Ryoma Sakamoto. Oboro is then given the opportunity to return to Enma Ryōma or participate in its plans to rebuild Japan.

Cowboy Chapter: Wandering Edit

This chapter takes place in the old American West. An outlaw called the Sundown Kid and his rival, a man named Mad Dog Hunter dimension, comes to the success of the city, a place terrorized by a group of bandits called the Crazy group, led by O. God, the last survivor remaining the 7th Cavalry. Sundown gets up to the bandits, and decided to raze the city to the ground in retaliation. Mad Dog agrees to help the sun and the people of the country are preparing the city's defenses. After the city emerges victorious from the battle, Mad Dog Sundown challenge to a final duel. The player has the opportunity to kill Mad Dog or run away.

Wrestler Chapter: The StrongestEdit

The strongest is set nowadays. Masaru Takahara strives to become the strongest fighter in the world struggle against the masters of different fighting disciplines to learn their techniques. However, another fighter, Odie Oldbright, has the same idea, but deliberately kills each of his opponents during the fight. Then challenge Masaru, who defeats him.

Mecha Chapter: Flow Edit

In the near future in Japan, a biker gang called the Crusaders were kidnapping people with unknown intentions. A young orphan with psychic powers named Akira Tadokoro grows up in an orphanage with her sister. One day, the Crusaders kidnap one of the children at the orphanage, so Akira and his friend Matsu, which saved him. Akira learns the position of the base of the Crusaders, and uncovers a plot by the Japanese government to liquefy the people and use them to feed an idol named Odeo giant. Matsu then sacrifices himself to power an ancient mech called Buriki Daioh ("Tin-Plated Great King"), Akira uses to destroy Odeo.

Sci-Fi Chapter: Mechanical Heart Edit

In the distant future, a spacecraft called Cogito Ergosum has come back to earth carrying a dangerous alien name Behemoth.The mechanic, Kato, creates a spherical robot and gives the ironic name Cube.The player takes the role of a cube that explores the ship and the crew meets.However, things start to go wrong as a malfunction of ships and a crew member named Kirk, dies in a freak accident.Soon, the Behemoth is released, and kills more crew members.The remaining crew members continue to blame and distrust anything, but it was finally revealed that the culprit is the on-board computer, OD-10.Cube hack the computer and defeats him.

Knight Chapter: King of Demons Edit

After completing the first seven chapters,the medieval chapter is unlocked.A brave knight named Oersted,a hero beloved by the people, defeats his best friend, the wizard Straybow, in the final phase of a fighting tournament, winning the right to marry the princess Alicia Lucrezia. That night, is abducted by the demon king.The next day,Oersted and Straybow set out to rescue her. First, there are the heroes who defeated the demon king thirty years before,the Hash Knight and the priest Uranus,and convince them to join.

Final Chapter Edit

In the final chapter, a colorless Lucrezia, with his people mysteriously absent, for a final battle. protagonist has chosen the player encounters and recruit the other six characters, and are given the opportunity to cross the secret societies for the good of milling and unlock the seven most powerful weapons for each character.Once ready, struggles hate group, which puts question the hero's faith to help others, and then reveals his true form, a fact ugly face vegetation. After most of the individual parts are destroyed, the "mole" moves downward and raises the red blood wings which used to hide himself, revealing the final shape of the daemon to be a winged humanoid. Once defeated, back to Oersted, who asks the player to kill him. The protagonist is then given the choice of killing him, but in case of refusal, and the player has recruited all seven characters, Oersted attacks the new group of demon statues after fleeing from him, forcing all seven of them to combat ' incarnation of hatred from their chapter. After all forms of hatred are destroyed, Oersted wonders why can not win against the heroes, who claims to be his "destiny" to win. The protagonist explains what he or she fights to Oersted, and he accepts it all back where they came from, dies and vanishes into thin air. Lucrezia is freed from hatred control.


If the player chooses Oersted as the protagonist of the final chapter, the game will explore the mechanics of how he manipulated the seven evil, and it turns out that he used the statues erected by the previous demon king demon to do it. It defeats the seven protagonists using the demon statues with all its incarnations, and is left to wander in a Lucretia be emptied, alone or, if nearly defeated, the possibility of causing armageddon, inexplicably and completely vaporize has given everything to the same seven points time when its standing proxy.

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