Luccavict Lucca
Original Era Present (1000 AD)
Element Fire
Weapon Gun

Lucca is a playable character in Chrono Trigger. She's one of Crono's best friends, and a scientific genius. She attacks with a gun, and her magical element is Fire.


Lucca grew up together with Crono. Her father, Taban, was an inventor, who inspired her to also become an inventor. When she was very young, her mother Lara, accidentally got trapped in a treshing machine and Lucca didn't manage to stop the machine in time. Lara's legs were rendered useless.

Lucca and her father Taban are met in the Millennial Festival in Leene Square by Crono and Marle, where they have set up their new teleporting machine. Crono volunteers to try it, and it is successful. Marle decides to try it as well, but it reacts to her pendant and goes haywire, sending her back in time. Crono decides to go into the strange worm-hole, and Lucca says she will not be far behind.

She catches up with Crono in Guardia Castle, where he has been dragged into a confusing mystery. Lucca explains the whole situation to Crono, about the time portals, and the imminent future of Marle.

After her rescue, Crono and the others are sent into the future, where almost everything has been destroyed, and the land is barren. She is amazed by the vast technology. They find out why the world has been destroyed on some old computer logs. It has been destroyed by a creature called Lavos.

Later on, they find an old rusty robot inside an abandoned dome. Lucca fixes the robot, and it befriends them. She dubs the robot Robo.

Later on in the game, the player revisits the nightmare of her mother's accident, and can change time, if they input the password to the machine correctly.

Lucca in BattleEdit

Lucca, even before she gains her Fire element, can use flame techniques. She can use her gun both for shooting and meleé combat.

Techniques: SingleEdit

  • Flame Toss - Throws fire, can hit enemies on a line
  • Hypno Wave - Puts enemies to sleep
  • Fire - Deals Fire-elemental damage to one enemy
  • Napalm - Fiery Napalm hits all enemies within bomb range
  • Protect - Improves a party member's defence against physical attacks
  • Fire 2 - Deals fire-elemental damage to all enemies
  • Mega Bomb - Fire-elemental bomb hits all enemies within bomb range
  • Flare - Major fire-elemental damage to all enemies

Techniques: DoubleEdit

  • Fire Whirl - Lucca charges Chronos Cyclone attack with fire from her Flame Toss for fire damage to all enemies within a small radius.
  • Antipode- Lucca mixes her Fire with Marles Ice causing water and fire damage to all enemies in a small radius.

Techniques: TripleEdit

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