Müllenkamp is the religious cult in Vagrant Story which traces its origins from the city Leá Monde. Based around the ancient Kiltian dancer-priestess Müllenkamp who lived over 2,000 years ago, the cult was founded by Sydney and has continued to dabble in the Dark arts. It was quickly regarded by the Iocus priesthood as heretics, and over the course of time, the priesthood has hunted down the cultists in their Inquisition operations. Recent investigation has revealed that Duke Bardorba have assisted the cult financially, prompting the suspicions of Parliament.

Müllenkamp, the Dancer-PriestessEdit

Also known as Osana Müllenkamp in the French version, she is an ancient dancer-priestess of Kiltia, whose cult based their activities in the cursed city of Leá Monde.

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