Game: Chrono Trigger
Designed by: [Akira Toriyama]

Age: [Undetermined, late teens]
Weapon(s): Crossbow
Era: Present (1000 AD)
Element: Water

Marle is a playable character in Chrono Trigger. She is really Nadia, the Princess of Guardia, but she hates formal titles, and prefers to be called Marle. She fights with a Bow, and her element is Water, even though she uses Ice spells.


Princess Nadia grew up as the heir to the throne of Guardia. Her life, however, is far from idyllic. Her father, King Guardia XXIII is a strict disciplinarian and a distant parent and her mother, the late Queen Aliza died of an undisclosed cause. Aliza's passing further widened the rift between Marle and her father, causing her to become somewhat rebellious. As a result, she frequently snuck out of the castle in disguise in search of excitement in order to escape the boredom and lonlieness of royal life.

One of these afforementioned escapes was to Guardia's Millennial Fair. It is there where she crashes into Crono, who, being the gentleman as always, shows her around the place. When Lucca and her father display their new invention, a teleporter, Marle tries it. However, the machine reacts to her pendant, and sends her back in time. Crono decides to go after her.

Crono finds Marle in Guardia Castle. She is there due to the recent kidnapping of Queen Leene. Marle, being one of Queen Leen's descendants, looks so much like the queen that she is mistaken for her, and brought to the castle. Marle is overjoyed to see Crono, but just as they leave the Queen's room, she vanishes without a trace. Lucca meets Crono, and explains that Queen Leene has been kidnapped and currently placed in life-threatening danger. Lucca also reveals Marle's true identity as one of Queen Leen's descendants and that if Queen Leene is killed in the present, there will be a temporal paradox that will erase Marle's existence as a result. Marle will never be born.

Crono and Lucca make their way to the nearby Cathedral near Guardia Castle in search of Queen Leene. It is here where they first meet Frog, who is also searching for her. They join forces with him and, after battling their way through the monster infested Cathedral, find Queen Leene in the clutches of the monstrous Yakra, who was responsible for her abduction and was also posing as the Chancellor of Guardia. The trio eventually defeat Yakra, setting both Queen Leene and the real Chancellor free. King Guardia XXI, Leene's husband, was overjoyed to the safe return of his wife and proclaimed that Crono and the party would be welcome guests in the kingdom whenever they returned to visit. After this, Marle reappears safely in the room where she first vanished.

Grateful to her new friends for coming to her rescue, Marle invites Crono and Lucca back to the castle in their time, but when they arrive, Crono gets placed under arrest under charges of abducting the princess. A trial is held thereafter, and Crono is found innocent. However, he is still confined to prison for three days regardless. The Chancellor of their era plots to have Crono executed, but he manages to escape with the help of Lucca. They are nearly captured again but are saved by Marle's intervention. Marle pleads with her father to listen to reason, but his stubborn refusal leads to a brutal argument between them causing her to flee the castle with Crono and Lucca. The trio are persued into Guardia Forest, where they happen onto a Time Gate, which they use to escape from the royal guard.

The gate leads them to the future, which turns out to be a post apocalyptic wasteland. After exploring some of this ruined era, they discover the force responsible for the devastation is the alien parasite called Lavos. This leads the party to try and stop Lavos by changing history. Marle herself becomes the voice of reason to her friends during their adventures, bolstering their spirits on more than one occasion, especially in the case of Crono, whom she grows very fond of. Marle tries to repair her relationship with her father, but her first attempt gets sabotaged by the Chancellor, who lies to her about her mother's death, implying King Guardia XXIII was indifferent to her in the final hours before her passing and caused her great emotional pain before she passed on. Later, when the Chancellor frames King Guardia XXIII of selling the kingdom's treasures--most notably, the Rainbow Shell--Marle and the party came to his rescue and the Chancellor was exposed as Yakra XIII, desendant of the first Yakra from 600 A.D. He is defeated and King Guardia XXIII is fully exonerated. After this, the King tells Marle the truth about Aliza's passing. It turns out that the sight of all of the wellwishers gathered to pay their respects to Queen Aliza made Marle very happy and that she thought it was fun having so many of her favorite people gather at the castle. Seeing Marle so happy gave Aliza great comfort and she died in peace. She had also asked the King to welcome Marle's beloved with open arms when she would finally meet him. Hearing this finally heals the rift between father and daughter and Marle forgives him. After this, he formally welcomes Crono and the party into the kingdom.

In the PlayStation anime ending, she is seen marrying Crono.

Marle in BattleEdit

Marle has the element of Water. However, her magic manifests itself offensively as Ice rather than Water, like Frog's. The bulk of her magic is curative and supportive, but her Ice and Ice 2 spells are offensive. Her Double and Triple Techs with other party members are equally balanced between healing the party and attacking enemies. She attacks with a Crossbow, which can also be used at close range.

Single TechsEdit

  • Aura- Restore ally's HP (Some)
  • Provoke- Confuse enemy
  • Ice- Attack enemy with Ice
  • Cure- Heal ally (More)
  • Haste- Cut ally's wait time by 1/2
  • Ice 2- Damage all enemies with Ice
  • Cure 2- Heal ally (Full)
  • Life 2- Revive and restore all HP

Double TechsEdit

  • Marle/Crono
    • Aura Whirl- Restore allies' HP (Some)
    • Ice Sword- Ice Sword attack
    • Ice Sword 2- Larger Ice Sword attack

  • Marle/Lucca
    • Antipode- Attack enemies with a Fire/Ice mixture
    • Antipode 2- Attack enemies with a Fire/Ice mixture
    • Antipode 3- Attack all enemies with a Fire/Ice mixture

  • Marle/Robo
    • Aura Beam- Restore allies' HP (Some)
    • Ice Tackle- Attack enemy with Glacier
    • Cure Touch- Restore allies' HP (Full)

  • Marle/Frog
    • Ice Water- Attack enemies' with a mixture of Ice and Water
    • Glacier- Massive Ice and Water attack
    • Double Cure- Restore allies' HP (Full)

  • Marle/Ayla
    • Twin Charm- Steal from enemy More likely to hit than regular Charm
    • Ice Toss- Attack enemy with thrown Ice
    • Cube Toss- Attack enemy by throwing large glacier

Triple TechsEdit

  • Crono/Marle/Lucca
    • Delta Force- Fire/Ice/Lightning damage to all enemies

  • Crono/Marle/Robo
    • Lifeline- Everyone has the effects of Auto-Life

  • Crono/Marle/Frog
    • Arc Impulse- Attack with double Ice Slash

  • Crono/Marle/Ayla
    • Final Kick- Kick that infuses Ice/Lightning to strike three times

  • Marle/Frog/Robo
    • Grand Dream- Massive Physical Attack due to the effects of the New Masamune

  • Marle/Lucca/Magus
    • Dark Eternal- Ultimate Dark Bomb

  • Marle/Lucca/Ayla
    • Poyozo Dance- Damage with ? magic and confusion to all enemies

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