Developer(s) Taito
Publisher(s) Taito
Release date(s)
Genre Horizontally scrolling shooter
Game modes Single-player, Two player
Platform(s) Arcade

Megablast (メガブラスト) is a 1989 Horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game released by Taito in Europe and Japan. One or two players could control space fighters assigned to deal with an alien invasion using incredible firepower through eight stages. The game is somewhat parodical as many of the game’s mini-bosses resemble previous Taito game characters and the ending theme consists of a Beethoven song.


The game is set in the late twenty-first century. The protagonists, Downson and Bogey, are two pilots of spaceships, for the secret organization Order Defending-the-Earth-From-Outside-Organization, Megablast guide the spaceship to defeat the aliens of planet Zancs who kidnapped terrestrial women .


Despite being a classic shooter, Megablast of differs from the others because the main weapon in the four directions editable via pod collected eliminating enemies, also for each side you can have four types of the same or all different. The action takes place on eight levels. Before combat with the usual end-level boss, the player will receive instructions on how and where to hit it. The game is mostly remembered for having different enemies taken from other Taito games, such as Raimais, Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid.

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