"Once I find the relic, it's going to be World Domination time!"

Mint (ミント, Minto) is one of the two protagonists of Threads of Fate. Her story is about her desire to obtain the Dewprism, a mystical "Relic" that could grant wishes. Her destiny intertwines with Rue who is out to obtain the same "Relic".



"Due to her selfish and irresponsible ways, Mint lost her right to the throne of East Heaven Kingdom to her younger sister, Maya. Now the only things in Mint's mind is world domination and vengeance against her sister. To achieve these goals, she seeks a mysterious relic"
—Official Profile

Mint is the Crown Princess of East Heaven Kingdom. Despite being a princess, she is brash, egoistic and uncaring of others. Upon discovering that the right to the throne was removed - given instead to her sibling Maya who shows a demeanor more likely of a princess - Mint engages Maya in magic duel, but lost because of the powerful magic contained from Maya's Relic - the Book of Cosmos. She vows to defeat her sister and reclaim the right to the throne, and sets of to find a Relic more powerful than her sister's. She finds out about a Relic that may grant wishes, the Dewprism, belonging to a powerful Aeon named Valen, and follows the trails to the Relic.

Here, she crosses path with Rue, who is also looking for the relic. Acknowledging him as her rival, Mint does whatever it takes to stop Rue from getting the Dewprism, but fails nevertheless. As the quest continues, she began to respect Rue's determination and even helps him out with her magic prowess and martial arts skill. Nevertheless, she continues to be the comic relief of the story.

Maya later appears, seeking for her forgiveness. Their kingdom was taken over by Doll Master, and Maya needed Mint's help to stop him from seeking out Valen's Relic and release Valen, who is out to destroy the world. Mint brushes aside their differences for awhile, and sets her quest to stop Doll Master and Valen. Together with her sister's Relic, they destroyed the Dewprism to put a stop to his plot. Disappointed with the Relic lost, she sets out to find another. Despite mending the relationship with her sister, they would still argue. In the finale, Mint reports to Rue of ruins related to Valen, and the two head out to explore.


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