Minwu (Ming-Wu ミンウ Minnu in the original Japanese release and Mindu in the enhanced PlayStation remake) is a character in Final Fantasy II


Minwu is skilled in the arts of white magic and serves as a White mage for the Wild Rose rebellion. When Princess Hilda tells Firion, Maria, and Guy to seek Cid for more information on airships, Minwu joins the party to accomany them to Poft and then to Josef's home town of Salamand to retrieve Mythril. When the party returns to the rebel base in Altair, they are given orders to destroy the Dreadnought in Bafsk, but fail in doing so. Once again the party returns to Altair, only to discover that the King of Fynn has fallen even further ill. Minwu leaves the party to provide his healing services to the king. Later, when the king is beyond help, he gives his dying wishes to the party. Gordon is to lead the army, Firion is to recruit Dragoons into the army, and Minwu is to go in search for the Ultima scroll. Minwu then remains absent until the end of the game, when Firion, Maria, Guy, and Ricard reach the top of the Mysidian tower to find Minwu. To break the seal on the spell, Minwu uses all his power, and by doing so, kills himself.

In Soul of Rebirth, Minwu finds himself in Raqia (which he believes to be Jade) after his death. Accompanied by Scott, Josef, and Ricard, Minwu tries to understand where they all are. In one area of this world, Minwu comes across a room identical to the one in Mysidian tower, the very room where he died to break the seal on Ultima. In this room Minwu breaks the seal and takes the Ultima spell, but not before he and his group are forced to face the spell's guardian, the Ultima Weapon.

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