Mugetsu from The Bouncer

Mugetsu is a character from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

Mugetsu is fought three times throughout the course of the game and has different stats with and without his mask.

210 / 220 Life

200 / 210 Power

170 / 165 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: Approximately 30

Height: 5'11"

Fighting Style: Profane/Insane Arts

The head of the Mikado Special Forces Unit. With the aid of his henchman, and his superhuman abilities, he kidnaps Dominique.


Mugetsu was the subject of experiments that gave him enhanced strength and agility at the cost of his sanity. Dauragon C. Mikado sent him to kidnap Dominique, leading Sion Barzhad, Volt Krueger, and Kou Leifoh to chase after him and try to rescue her. Mugetsu and his Special Forces unit attacked them in the garden in front of Dauragon's mansion and tried to lure Sion into a trap in the Mikado Group's headquarters, but they were defeated both times.

Mugetsu, filled with homicidal rage after his last two losses, attacked the bouncers once more as they pursued Dauragon and Dominique in an air carrier, removing his mask and laughing maniacally as he threatened to butcher them all. They managed to knock him off the air carrier, and he was incinerated by flames from the afterburners of the Galeos.

Game InfoEdit

Mugestsu has a variety of diving and rushing attacks that allow him to close with enemies rapidly. When unmasked, he gains some unblockable attacks.


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