The Order of the Crimson Blades is the religious militia in Vagrant Story. Made up of the Knights of the Cross, they strive to hunt down the Müllenkamp heretics and control the city of evil, Leá Monde. The true name of the order is Order of the Crimson Blade and Knights of the Cross, a band of elite knights under the command of the Iocus priesthood, led by Guildenstern. The order is opposed to the Parliament in politics, and to the Müllenkamps in ideology. The Blades laid siege to Leá Monde in order to pursue the fleeing Sydney and to stamp out the heresy spread by his cult.


Romeo GuildensternEdit

Commander of the Crimson Blades, the knightly order of the Iocus priesthood. He has come to Leá Monde to hunt Sydney down, but is also seeking to harness the city's Dark powers for his own. Guildenstern is depicted as a pious person with deep faith in his belief and immune to Sydney's Dark powers. His lover is Samantha, a commander with little experience of battle, and their relationship is strong as portrayed in the game. However, his dark side is revealed when he willingly sacrifices Samantha for the Dark powers of Leá Monde and literally strip Sydney's source of power; the Rood Inverse on his back. Guildenstern stops at nothing to achieve his goals. To him, Ashley is simply an obstacle. But even with the powers he possessed, he is finally defeated by Ashley.

Father DuaneEdit

One of Guildenstern's key Commanders going into Leá Monde, and a warrior-cleric. An able fighter, in spite of his priesthood. His swordsmanship leaves much to be desired, but he uses something special that more than makes up for it. His brother is Grissom, also one of Guildenstern's Commanders, accompanied by two Crimson Blades. In an unfortunate encounter, he tried to apprehend Ashley, but ended up being killed.

Father GrissomEdit

One of Guildenstern's key Commanders going into Leá Monde, and a warrior-cleric. He hates the cultists, as any proper clergyman should. After his brother Duane is murdered by Ashley, he pursues the Riskbreaker into the Snowfly Forest in order to have his bloody vengeance. Unfortunately his plan goes awry and he is killed, then revivified as a walking corpse by the city's cruel magic.

Lady SamanthaEdit

In spite of her appearance, she is a knight who takes an active role in combat. Her weakness lies in her occasional feelings of hesitancy and fear. She and Guildenstern seem to be more than just leader and soldier... Samantha is also known to be Guildenstern's lover. She becomes an unwilling sacrifice for him to receive the dark powers of Leá Monde.

Lady NeesaEdit

A capable knight, trusted by Guildenstern, Lady Neesa is a proud warrior, and denies her femininity. Wielding a staff/club of sorts, she serves faithfully alongside Sir Tieger.

Sir TiegerEdit

Alert and agile, in spite of his appearance, Sir Tieger is a proud, powerful knight who carries great respect for his comrades. While escaping Leá Monde, Tieger urges Neesa to flee while he confronts a zombie Grissom.

Cardinal BatistumEdit

Head of the Iocus priesthood. While seemingly following the holy teachings, the Cardinal had also ordered the mastery of the darkness by the Crimson Blades, and seems to be seeking immortality.

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