Project Sylpheed (プロジェクト シルフィード, Purojiekuto Shirufīdo), also called Project Sylpheed: The Arc of Deception in North America, is a space simulation console game developed by SETA Corporation and published by Square Enix. It is acknowledged as the current spiritual successor to the Silpheed video game series, which were scrolling shooters. Project Sylpheed, however is fully 3D, allowing dogfights in all three vectors of space.

Placing the player at the start of a rebellion in a fictional 27th century, the game has a huge variety of weapons and augmentations to configure the protagonist's starfighter with, providing fast paced action against small enemy fighters and large warships alike. The game also bears Square Enix's traditional integration of a story into the gameplay. Project Sylpheed was received with mixed results, most of its features receiving praise and criticism.

Release DatesEdit

  • Japan: September 28, 2006
  • Europe: June 29, 2007
  • North America: July 10, 2007


The game takes place in a 27th century where humanity has expanded throughout the stars for the last 500 years. Many worlds have been colonized and are ruled by the Terra Central Government (TCG), seated on Earth. However, as a result of the Terra Central Government's continued authority over the colonized planets, political unrest regarding Terra's arbitrary rule began to spread. In time, this discontent led to armed conflict in various locations... ...but Terra's vast military power always suppressed the sporadic resistance in the name of maintaining public order.


  • Katana Faraway
  • Ellen Bernstein
  • Margras Mason
  • Doris Egan

Box ArtEdit

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