Radiata Stories is a series by Square Enix.

Radiata StoriesEdit

Is a video game created by game developer tri-Ace and published by Square Enix for the Playstation 2 on January 27, 2005 in Japan and September 6, 2005 in the United States. The game was well-received in Japan but received a more mixed reaction in the United States. It sold over 413,000 copies worldwide. Noriyuki Iwadare is the composer of the soundtrack.

In other mediaEdit

Was published a manga of Radiata Stories in Japan. There are currently five numbers running a manga of two series called "The Epic of Jack" and "The Song of Ridley". Mangafox translated and published only the first chapter of the third volume of "The Epic of Jack". The manga gives a more in-depth view of Jack's past and makes it much less rude to the game. Adele seems to play a more important role in the game as there are flashbacks between Jack and his sister for the whole manga. The story focuses on the value of a knight rather than just being the best and gives Jack a solider reason why he is doing his best. Also, there is a deeper and more romantic relationship between Jack and Ridley in the first chapters in the game, while maintaining the rivalry between the two.

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