Ricard Highwind (Richard Highwind リチャード Richādo) in the original Japanese versions, Gareth in the PlayStation enhanced remake, and Edward Highwind in an unfinished prototype) is a character in Final Fantasy II, and the first Dragoon to appear in the Final Fantasy series.


Firion, Maria, and Guy first encounter Ricard when they are swallowed by Leviathan on their way to the Mysidian Tower, where they planned to search for the Ultima Scroll and Minwu. Ricard reveals that he is also in search of the Scroll, and joins the party. When visiting Castle Deist, Ricard learns that he is the sole survivor of the Dragoons, save Kain, the child of a Dragoon man, and a non-Dragoon woman named Elina. When the Emperor's Cyclone appears, wreaking havoc upon the world, Ricard calls forth the Wyvern's offspring from Castle Fynn, who takes them to the Tower, where they defeat the Emperor. Later, in Castle Palamecia, the Emperor reappears from Hell to destroy the party, as well as humankind. In an attempt to save his friends, Ricard calls forth his wyvern to save Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon, while he takes on the Emperor, losing his own life.

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