Game: Ehrgeiz
Designed by:

Age: Unknown
Weapon(s): Shuriken, Katana
Nationality: Japanese (?)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Future Ninja
Voice actor: Ryuzo Ishino
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Sasuke (佐助) is a character from Ehrgeiz.

Although it is evident by his appearance that he is a Ninja, Sasuke’s true identity remains unknown. One day, he awakened with amnesia, not even remembering his true name, in a laboratory from Red Scorpion located near the ancient ruins, where he was subject to a remodeling surgery. Presently, he works as an agent for Red Scorpion, everyday being driven by great anxiety, feeling that he forgot important things. However, during a top secret mission in which he was to assassinate the adventurer, Koji Masuda, he notices a mysterious stone embedded within a broken sword held by Koji. Believing that this precious stone will enable him to recover his long lost memories, Sasuke aims to acquire the legendary weapon, Ehrgeiz, acting for the first time by his own will since the loss of his memory.

Yuffie Kisaragi uses Sasuke's moveset.


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