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Sion Barzhad
Shion Baruzaado

Game: The Bouncer
Designed by: Tetsuya Nomura

Age: 19
Weapon(s): Fists
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"Always getting me in trouble, you had me worried."

Sion Barzahd is a playable protagonist from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

205 Life

200 Power

195 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Fighting Style: A personalized style of both kenpo and street fighting.

A bouncer at the bar, "Fate". He lost his love two years ago, which has caused him to distance himself from others. However, Dominique's innocence is slowly helping Sion to open up again. Sion always wears silver necklaces, and his favorite brand of clothing is DOG STREET.


"Wong: Why do you follow me?
Sion: Will I ever.... be as strong as you?
Wong: That is up for you.
Sion: Hey, can you teach me?
Wong: It is not my policy to take disciples. It is late... Go home.
Sion: I... don't have a home....''
—13 years ago

Orphaned as a child, Sion encountered Wong after watching him participate in a street fight, and was taken in by him under as both his son and disciple. Living with him and training in Wong's martial arts, Sion also grew up with Kaldea Orchid, a smart and curious, yet frail girl. Everything appeared to be going swell for Sion - until Wong mysteriously vanished when he was 14. He eventually got involved in a relationship with his childhood friend, and congratulated her on being hired for a prestigious position in the Mikado Group. Later on, her parents informed Sion that Kaldea died in a most unfortunate work-related accident.

Sion's feelings of sorrow at the loss of his loved ones soon turned into resentment and anger, as he picked fights and desired for someone in the dangerous slums of Edge to end his life. Being directed to the saloon of FATE on Dog Street, Sion stirred up a large bar fight, and attempted to provoke the attention of Volt Krueger to kill him. Surprised at his tenacity and endurance, Boss offered him the chance to turn his life around and start again with the opportunity of being a bouncer.

Game InfoEdit

Compared to the other two protagonists, Sion has the best balance of power and speed. His specials comprise a variety of throws, punches, and kicks, including an unblockable spinning punch.


External LinksEdit

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